I am the most important word

"I" - the most important word The personality behind this �I� is the main protagonist of the life of each individual. The way in which we create our own world is determined by our experience, knowledge and worldview. We ourselves are the center of.

How to make a tender

How to make a tender Instruction The tender documentation is designed to outline in detail the list of mandatory customer requirements for the goods / services supplied and to provide participants with the space for issuing competitive offers. The winnertenderand the participant who proposes.

What kind of bird - cockatoo

What kind of bird - cockatoo? What does a cockatoo look like? Cockatoo is as popular with birdwatchers as the other species of this family - budgerigars. This is a rather large and intelligent bird with a spectacular, bright appearance. In total, about 20.

How to keep a photo diary pregnant

How to keep a photo diary pregnant You will need Special album, photos, photo cornerboards or double-sided tape, colored pencils, felt-tip pens. Instruction For many years, a photo diary of a pregnant woman will remind you of the wonderful waiting time for your baby.

How do childbirth begin

How do childbirth begin? In obstetrics, pregnancy is considered full-term if it lasts 38 weeks. However, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, this period may be reduced or increased. In order not to take childbirth by surprise, every pregnant woman needs to.

Ovarian cyst: symptoms, treatment

Ovarian cyst: symptoms, treatment There are several types of ovarian cysts: Ovarian cyst of the corpus luteum; Follicular; Functional; Endometrioid; Paraovarial; Dermoid; Mucinous The cyst of the ovary of the yellow body is filled with a yellow liquid in which there may be blood.

How to listen to music for free

How to listen to music for free? Thanks to special online music resources, you can listen to songs online for free. At such sites, everyone will find a song to their liking, since their range is very wide. This option is much more convenient.

How to make a sponge cake

How to make a sponge cake? It is rather difficult to prepare a biscuit without knowledge and skill, because it is considered to be the most “fragile” bakery in the pastry business, it easily crumbles and is able to quickly lose its shape. How.

What is needed for registration of IP

What is needed for registration of IP On the first sheet of the form P21001, enter the name and code of the registering authority that corresponds to the name and number of the tax inspectorate at your place of residence. Write the surname, name.

What are glasses for?

What are glasses for? Remember the famous Krylov's fable about the monkey and glasses? As it turns out, to take it in a figurative sense is not always necessary, because there are quite a few people who do not know how to properly use.

Why in the nose septum

Why in the nose septum Nose functions The nose is the beginning of the respiratory system and performs important functions in the process of breathing. When air enters the nasal cavity, it is warmed to the required temperature due to the multiple vessels located.

How to print one page

How to print one page? Polina Garashchenko August 18, 2014 Most PC users know how to work with Word. However, when working with the program, you may encounter a problem when you want to print only one page of text, and not the entire.

How to cure stomatitis folk remedies

How to cure stomatitis folk remedies Instruction In the treatment of inflammation of the mucous membrane is recommended to use sage or calendula infusion. To cook it, take 2 tsp. healing herbs, pour boiling water and insist a couple of hours, then filter. Warm.

Oatmeal with carrots and caramel

Oatmeal with carrots and caramel You will need - 1 carrot for caramelization; - 2 large carrots for juice; - 5 tablespoons of oatmeal; - 1 orange; - 2 tablespoons of brown sugar; - 30 grams of butter; - 150 milliliters of boiled water.

How to cook cakes Prague

How to cook cakes "Prague" You will need For sponge cake - eggs - 3 pieces, - sugar sand (reed better) - 160 grams, -muka - 50 grams, - corn starch - 50 grams, - cocoa powder - 50 grams For chocolate cream.

How to make childbirth painless

How to make childbirth painless Instruction In the course of labor, spasmolytics and non-narcotic analgesics are usually used to help reduce pain during the cervical dilatation. They are quite effective and harmless to the child, but completely anesthetizechildbirthusing them is almost impossible. If you.

How to enable the keyboard

How to turn on the keyboard? Although devices with touchscreens are rapidly gaining popularity lately, it is still difficult to do without a traditional keyboard when working with a computer. A full-size external keyboard is sometimes needed even by laptop owners. But how to.

Attic ventilation: installation diagrams and methods

Attic ventilation: installation diagrams and methods Thus, under any circumstances, attic ventilation is necessary and it is desirable to provide for it at the design stage of the building. Properly arranged ventilation will eliminate the appearance of condensation on the windows in the attic.

The best recipes for winter masks

The best recipes for winter masks Instruction Banana mask (suitable for any skin). A quarter of one banana knead with a fork, add a teaspoon of nourishing cream, 3 drops of lemon juice and the same amount of olive oil. Apply the mixture on.

Is it possible to feed milk

Is it possible to feed milk? A common cause of allergy in babies is cow protein. That is why young parents are often worried about the question - "Is it possible to drink milk to a nursing mother?" In the article we will consider.

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