10 cool TV shows that can be viewed in 1 week

After a hard day you want to relax in a chair with a cup of tea, wrapped in a soft blanket. And what will help to better distract from the thoughts associated with everyday work, if not an exciting movie? But very often it happens that the long-running series lack neither time nor energy.

In this case, it is worthwhile to give preference to multi-part films that can be easily viewed in a week. Thus, you can relax while watching an interesting movie, enjoy the plot and will not worry about spending too much time in front of the TV screen.

Rating of multiseries films that will help to survive the autumn blues

If it rains more often, the marks on the thermometer are lower, the nights are colder, and warm cocoa and shortbread cookies have become regular evening satellites, then it is time to get acquainted with the Top 10 cool films that will be faithful satellites for the period of autumn weather.

We present to your attention a list of multi-part films that are definitely worth seeing.

  1. One night. Before you decide to give a ride to a beautiful stranger, you need to think things over well, otherwise you can expect big trouble. For a young taxi driver, one night of love became fateful, the nightly adventures ended in the death of a girl and the murder charge. Will he be able to prove to everyone, from the police to his relatives, his innocence?
  2. Empty crown. If you love adventure, and palace intrigues cause you frantic curiosity, then pay attention to this series, which tells about the life of kings.
  3. Notes of the young doctor. The film is based on the works of the great writer MA Bulgakov. In the center of the plot lies the life and hard work of a young doctor who is confronted with difficult patients.
  4. The end of the parade. This film will tell you about honor and dignity, about the sometimes difficult choice that a man has to make when it comes to true feelings. Real British aristocracy, gallantry and stiffness - this is only the tip of the iceberg of this exciting movie.
  5. The Lost Room.Have you ever thought that the well-known household items may have magical properties? The most common ballpoint pen can cause an explosion, and the key - to open the door to another reality. Take a look at your world through the prism of mystical events. Having started watching this movie, you can not tear yourself away until you solve all the riddles with the main characters.
  6. Black mirror. New technologies will not surprise anyone, but very few people realize how they affect our life. Wherever a person looks, he is surrounded by a black mirror - a display of a monitor, a smartphone, a tablet, a TV. Social networks know more about us than their relatives and friends, communication with reality is carried out only through the world wide web. The world knows everything about us, but what do we know about modern reality? The answer to this question can be obtained after watching the show.
  7. Sherlock. Do you like detective stories, jokes and talented acting? Then this movie is for you. The genius Holmes lives in modern Britain, solving the riddles of the twenty-first century, and the commissioned war veteran of the past Afghanistan helps him in this.
  8. Slap in the face.In each family there are differences, but sometimes a minor quarrel can turn into a scandal that will lead to irreversible consequences. The drama that unfolds in front of the audience, demonstrates the whole nature of human values.
  9. Houdini.A man who made himself could, thanks to his perseverance, as well as the labor of leaving the lowest sections of society, to become the idol of millions.
  10. Town. Returning to his hometown due to an accident, the main character understands that under the external well-being of citizens there are many secrets. For fans of detective series, this film will be a real find.

Take care of your leisure time and spend quality time, preferring a good movie.

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