15 female habits that men refuse to understand

Habit number 1. Why shift all things from one bag to another, if they differ only in color?

And why even in the most expensive bag in her collection nothing can be found within ten minutes, because all the most important things either get lost at the bottom, or ... (here is a surprise!) Find themselves in another bag!

Habit # 2. What is the degree of danger of the “Do I look fat in this dress?” Question for the future of relationships?

How positive will be the reason, if not for parting, then certainly for a quarrel with the verdict “I will not go anywhere after that,” and why ask at all if only one point of view is accepted?

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Habit number 3. Why in the store to try on literally everything, even what does not fit the season, is large in size and will not come in handy soon?

At the same time, even if she did not buy anything, she still does not consider these six hours in the mall a lost time and assures,that feels relaxed and vigorous.

Habit # 4. How long do these five minutes really last?

And what factors affect the fact that, according to real time, they turn into a gap of 15 to 40 minutes: density of mascara, number of fasteners on the corset, or confidence that this is actually express makeup, as they wrote in the magazine?

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Habit number 5. Why the phrase "Is it necessary to do right now?" Can not be made out of interrogative constructive sentence?

For example, “I think it is worthwhile to postpone the repair of the car until spring, but for now take the subway to see the sale of fur coats”. Either honestly and bluntly declare that you need to urgently stop doing what you are doing, and immediately proceed to what she wants.

Habit number 6. This thing for curling eyelashes just can not gouge his eyes?

She looks, frankly, as a torture weapon from a concentration camp that is about to deprive you of your sight. And eyelashes, by the way, then remain the same as before this terrible procedure.

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Habit number 7. What is the true meaning of the phrase "I do not want to talk about it"?

You're offended? You feel bad? Do you need help? You broke the car and do not want to admit? Do you practice some very cruel NLP technique on me? Say something please!

Habit number 8. Why do you go to the toilet together?

Even if you are already over twenty and you are not even drunk. There, are the monsters waiting for you, or do you have some joint rites on personal hygiene?

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Habit number 9. Why do you women hate women so much?

Maybe her dress is too open, but why blame her for all mortal sins in public, especially if you have at least three blouses with a neckline even deeper in your closet?

Habit number 10. Why do you decide for so long what to choose for lunch?

The turkey is useful, but it is expensive and the piece is somehow suspiciously in the package, the shrimps are stuffed with some chemistry, as you read in the newspaper, and the chicken is bored, and the seasoning to her at home has ended. It's just some kind of existential torment, not lunch!

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Habit number 11. Why are you always right in a dispute?

And if they are not right, then you categorically do not want to agree with this and first go to the individual, then to open criticism, and then even to cry and tears?

Habit number 12. What do you actually do a whole hour in the bathroom?

Maybe you manage to include morning exercises, washing plumbing, a thorough study of each hair on your head or a relaxing self-massage during this period of time? How else to explain that after an hour you say that it remains to “just” get dressed and make up.

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Habit number 13. Why say "We need", if this is just your idea?

You can simply explain that you want to do that and do not want to consider any compromises for today. And in general, why do you always consider yourself an expert in relationships and a doctor of science in family planning?

Habit number 14. Why have so many shoes, if you wear 70% of couples at most once a month?

And another 10% of the contents of your shoe locker means that after passing 200 meters from the entrance, you will find that you need to go to the pharmacy urgently for patches, and after 200 meters after leaving the pharmacy you will request to go by taxi, because the shoes are suede and on the road can get dirty.

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