23 ways to tie a tippet

Today we will show youall waysmake a beautiful headband with a wide scarf or stole. We will learn to do various STACKING-Wrapping stoles,with knots and bunches,with lace and plaits. You will learn a variety of ways to tie a wide tippet on your head = from simpletechnicians "turban"up to complicatedturbans with double shawlsand multi-layered designs. Plus we found a few photos, where you can see all the beauty of such wrapping of palatine heads.

So let's start falling in love with our new headdress from a simple wide scarf.

To whomscarf-tippet on the head.

It is very beautiful when the female head is elegantly wrapped with a soft stole. Not every person is wearing a hat or a knitted hat (you will be tormented while you pick up what suits you in style and proportions). And the soft wide scarf is so good - that from it you can make several “caps-windings” in a variety of styles and different forms at once. You can find your own unique style.And the method of trial and error pick upyour own way to beautifully tie a stole on your head(under a coat, with a jacket, with a summer dress, with an evening dress).

Palatine on the head can be worn not only with elegant lines of a coat and an elegant sweater. This homemade hat can easily fit into any style. Chinos, jeans, skinny skins, sports-style skirts and shoes of the most sporting forms.

A wide sweater with a narrow straight skirt and monkey shoes goes well with a colorful silk scarf on the head. Knitted coat poncho with a fur hood and sleeves, skinny jeans and moccasins with tassels - and all this is crowned with a neat knit shawl, elegantly wrapped head, and even with a decorative element-harness.

Thin Indian stoles with an oriental pattern look especially elegant on their heads. It looks very interesting when a striped scarf is tied on the head - it seems that several scarves of different colors are combined on the head. (By the way, how beautiful it is to tie several stoles with alternating colors on my head, I will tell you a little bit later in this article).

It is interesting and unusual to tie a tippet or a headscarf,where the hair is gathered in a high hairstyle.

You can make a twist on the head of the stole - in the eastern style - in asymmetric performance.

Oriental turbans are made in the same techniques winding with different variations, with pads lining, with laying on top of high perches. With long scarves or with several stoles at once.

And now let's understand the most different ways to tie a scarf on your head to get a beautiful and fashionable headdress.

HOW to tie a tippet on the head

Technique ENDS INSIDE.

In the first case(photo black-brown silk scarf) - we put the stole on his head - took the ends to the back of his head and tied a knot there. Then they lifted the ends again crossed them over the upper part of the head - and again lowered the ends to the back of the head - tied them in a knot there and hid the ends under the bottom (they buried under a scarf in the occipital zone).

In the second case(photo with red tippet), we lowered our head - we put the scarf on the back of the head. A knot was made on the forehead - they lifted their heads - they tipped the edges of the scarf back (from the frontal node) and put it under the back of the scarf.

The same variant with a cross-knot on the forehead can be made from a longer stole - where we throw it on the head - on the back of the head we simply cross it. We rise to the forehead - and there too we cross.We lower the tips down and hide them behind the edges of our first layer.

In a very similar technique (cross and hidden tips), the scarf is tied in the technique of CHALMA.

How to tie a scarf on your head


Long knitted stretch palatine is very convenient to do tight windings. ,

  • First we put the middle of the scarf on the head -and tie his endson the back of the head- hard-on-hard. Two ends hang on the chest - one on the left shoulder, the other on the right.
  • Now we need to make turns around the head -alternately with one and the other end of the flap - one turn with the right end, one turn with the left, again with the right turn, again with the left turn. We try to press our bandage tightly to the head (this is convenient if the fabric is knitted and stretch). When we reach the ends of the scarf by hiding them, we slip them under the layers of our turns. THIS IS VERY SIMPLE.

The stretch fabric of the stole stretches well and the winding is dense. But on the same principle, you can tie other scarves on your head - for example, stoles from Indian thin translucent gauze.

How to tie a scarf

METHOD "Oblique styling"

In the photo above, you see the technique of laying stole on the oblique.Look carefully at the top of the forehead (very center). You see that it is here that two layers of a scarf cross (overlap). One layer lies on the second - along the oblique - and a triangle is obtained at the center of the forehead.

Here's how to do it:

Palatine put on the top of the head - so - that he layslightly obliquely- that is, the left part of the head was covered (the hair part of the forehead was closed), and the right part was opened (so that the hair roots at the forehead were open).Next, remove the ends of the scarf back - and we tie a strong knot on the back of the head (in stretch - so that the tippet is pressed tightly against the head). We put both ends on the chest.

Next, take the right endstole and raise it on the forehead - we put diagonally (so as to close the hair roots, which we left open).

Now take the left endscarf and raise it to the forehead. Throw over his forehead - tightly pressing - and also diagonally and take him to the back of the head.

Repeat the winding, alternating the right and left ends of the scarf,untiltheir length will not end - short tails of a stole hide under the layers of bandaging.

Here isbelow is a photo workshop for such a KOSOY stylingstole - for clarity, there will be taken scarves of two colors.


Technique of two scarves.


Here the oblique styling is done in the technique of two stoles. Or two scarves - anything you can do (see for yourself now). Such a beautiful way to tie a stole can be worn for summer dresses, light tunics and shorts.

Here is a special workshop. Describes in great detail how to tie a tippet on the head with alternating two colors (from two scarves). Firstly, we put elastic elastic (from non-slip fabric) on the head, usual wide elastic bands-hoops on the hair - they will help the scarves to better lie and not slip over your silk hair.

So ... the first stole we put obliquely (see on the second photo). Tie a knot on the back of the head. We take another tippet and fasten it on the head - also diagonally - BUT OTHERWISE. And also we tie on the back of the head. Hang the ends of the stoles so that the 2 striped tails of the scarf are on the right side, two green tails of the scarf are on the left side. And then there is a winding with alternation. The left green end - the right striped - the left green - the right striped - we put each end along a scythe. And we hide the tips on the back of the turban - slipping them under the edges of the winding.

And here is another master class on this topic - LAZY. Because instead of two scarves - there is only ONE - and the role of oblique multi-colored layers is performed by ordinary elastic bands-hair ties. They are first worn on the neck - all 6 pieces. And then put on after the first tie shawl-stole.


Technique "HIGH TYURBAN"

And if your image requires a high turban. Today, high hair and turban just come into fashion. They are worn with a coat, and with evening dresses and jeans. If only the general style and proportions fit.

Everything is very simple here.The best thing,if initially you made a HIGH HAIR - a bun, a bun, a pony tail, put braids with bagels-towers or something else.Such a high hairstyle will be the basis for our turban styling.

But if you do not have so much hair on your head to set up towers for a scarf-turban, then there is a good way out.

Here is the trickwhich will make the high winding of the stole on the head, even short-haired girls.

We take two scarves-stoles - and one is used for an artificial gulki-knot. And the second scarf is already on the winding-laying.

Go ahead ...

Scarf stole on the headWITH PITCH SIDE.

And here's another waywhere a long tippet is wrapped around the head IN IMMEDIATE KIND. That is, we do not straighten the tippet and do not wrap their heads with it - and pjust make the winding like a narrow scarf.Palanitin ends justslip under the winding layer- and expose themout side(like a neat tail).

Thanks to this method, the hair of the back of the head remains open and you can show a beautiful styling-bun or braids in a circle. And also release the bangs. If the hair is too silky and slippery, you can fasten the lower layers of the scarf with invisible hairpins.

Or you can make the technique “Tail” with a wrap that covers all the hair. To do this, we first cover the head with a wide scarf. Then we cross the ends of the scarf on the back of the head - several times we wind them around the head (alternating between right and left).And then you need to tie a neat knot-loop.The tips of the stole can be left hanging down.And you can slip the edges of the tips into a knot- it will make them fan out like a fan - and you will get an elegant drapery that looks like a flower or a bow.

Tippet on the headwith a bunch of beams at the back.

You can twist the scarf around your head only 1-2 times andThe remaining long ends are tied several times in the knot(you get a nodal bit - like in the photo below with a white stole).

Or you can donodule- as in the photo with the orange patterned stole below.

Here in the bottom photo you can clearly see how such a bun made of a scarf knot).

For this you needFirst, tie a scarf to a large knot at the back of the head- we make a double knot or triple so that it is round, voluminous. And thencover with one half of the scarf this knot(to close it so that no knot weaves could be seen) and it will turn outsmooth bun(you can even fasten it with an elastic band for your hair so that the beam holds. And now we wind around it — wind the ends of the palletine, twisted into a bundle.

After a couple of workouts, you will do such a fasting up such a tackle very quickly - you can wear it under a coat at least every day -changing the colors of your scarves.

Such a shawl-tippet can be worneven with elegant dresses.The head looks neat, like a smooth evening hairdo.

HOW to tie a tippet on the head

Technique KNOT FRONT.

Sometimes they wear a scarf with a knot in front. The node can then resemble a coiled twist of a coil. The coils of the harness-stole are fastened with the help of pins hidden in the folds of the harness.With this wrap on your head, you can create interesting stylish images.And make-up should be the main accent of the person - with such a stacking, the make-up stole should be very expressive and clear (the pale face will not pull).

Below is a master class that demonstrates the steps involved in creating such a harness from a stole on the head. Everything is very simple and clear. Beautiful and simple laying of a scarf on a head - is suitable for spring and summer.

Plait of stoles is not necessary to twist into a round bun.

It can be done differently - from two tails of the stole, roll up 2 tows and twist them together. In a complex knot. And then take the ends of the harnesses back - to the back of the head - and hide, shove them under the handkerchief.

And hereAnother way to gulki front.Palatine throws on his head. We tie on the knot, above the forehead, so that one side of the scarf goes up and the other vertically down. Now we wrap the upper end of the stole in the ROLLER (like a carpet).This will be our cushion lining hidden inside.

Next, raise the lower end of the palatine -several times we wind it around this roll of pads - and when there is a small end from this tail - just put it on the head (over the hair so that it closes) and slip the edges under the back layer of the scarf from all sides.

Tippet on the head


But the technique of laying the scarf-stole, which is decorated with twisted harnesses. The harnesses are tails of a palatine knot, which are simply twisted into tight flagella-ropes and in this twisted form are wrapped around the head. Usually, TWO OR THREE scarves are required for winding the plantin on the head with harnesses.

But sometimes the harness technique is done in a minimalist manner.- when both ends of the stole are twisted into one common bundle and then folded with a spiral or wrapped around a high hairstyle (buns or high tails).

TWhat a way to tie a wide scarf- very simple and fast and it can be worn with both t-shirts and jeans, so with dresses, and in the fall with a coat or jacket.

Here's anothervariations on how to tie a scarf on your head with a harness decoration. Can one tail stoleleave hanging down at the neck,twist the second tail into a bundle and lay around the head. It looks beautiful, especially if you are wearing a silk or chiffon scarf of bright colors.

It is possible to make from a twist-twist on top of an interesting stoleBridging in the manner of a flower.

Let's see how in reality such a beautiful winding of stole with harnesses looks like. I chose to you an asymmetrical way of placing the harnesses - when on the one hand we see the colored layers of a scarf (in the form of a turban), and on the other hand, three multi-colored bundles.

You can two ends of the harness found on the temple, start to tie several times on the knot - it turns out a chain of knots. This chain is laid on its side - and the ends are tucked under a scarf-tippet at the back of the head.

Head scarf


And here is a way to tie a tippet with a braid decoration. It's simple. In order to braid the braid from the scarves you needRequired 2 conditions:

At first- the stole should have 3 tails (meaning you need 2 or 3 scarves)

Secondly- the convexity on the head, around which these braids will be braided (hairdo, hairdo in the form of curled in braid rings). And if you do not have hair to create the volume of the shingle, you can make a false overlay in the form of a piece of thin, per roll).

Plus for loyaltyYou can stick a few studs in private places so that the braids from the scarf hold together.

These two stoles this way would look like. We put the first scarf on the head (we tie a knot on the back of the head) - 2 tails fall on the shoulders. We put the second tippet on the head - we tie it on the back of the head - 2 more tails lie on the neck. Total 4 pieces.

We roll one tail of the scarf into a tight roll and slip it under the scarf at the back of the head - so thatbehind turned out a bulge- as if a hidden shingle. Now we have only 3 tails left, of them weave a scythe and wrap it around the bun. We slip the tip under the spit coil (if necessary, fasten with pins). Ready.

So let's see a step-by-step master class on how to tie a tippet with beautiful two braids - using 3 types of thin gauze wide scarves - blue, pink, blue.

Variants of decoration stole on the head.

Option one - interlacing with lace ribbon.

An elegant lace ribbon can be added to the tied stole on the head. Twist it, tie it at the back of the head and hide the ends under the flaps of the stole. Here in the photo below we see that we first do the bandaging with two stoles - alternating (turn by one scarf from the left shoulder,turn the second scarf from the right shoulder and repeat again) when the ends of the stoles end in their tips slip under the layers on the back of the head (or on the side of the temples).

And then we will decorate our winding with scarves with a lace ribbon in the same color range as the scarves on the head.

SECOND WAY - lacy ruff with a pin.

You can make a scarf winding around the head and under the last turn of the end of the scarf to enclose elegant jewelry with lace. Look at the photo below. Now I will tell you how to do it yourself from a piece of lace and a pin with a rose.

Early onhead winding as usual with a flap. Not until the end. Then he added lace. Tie a lace ribbon on the head with a knot on the back of your head so that there is a small tip on the left (long enough to lift it to the center of the head and fold it in half and place it on the head).

Lace lying on the head, close the next round of stole. We hide it, because it is unnecessary for us - only this lace tail will lie in sight, which is still lying on the left shoulder. We make the wrap on the stole until the left side (next to the lace tail) remains a palatine tail, the same length as the lace one.

And nowmake a decoration(we need these tails on the left shoulder and need a long pin with a smart rose). Take the lace - put it on your head - andbend the end of this lace under the bottom (we bend it so that there is a smooth fold from the edge- so that you can not see the sloppy cut with scissors on the edge of the lace). Tuck somewhere 5-7 cm. We leave it like that to lie on his head.

Now we take the tail of the stoleand also tuck it- in the same way (so that you can not see the edge) and put it on top of the lace - but so that the lace is slightly peeping out - was longer.Binding both layers with a pin(so that it is gathered into a fold on the long needle of the pin) and pierce the bottom layers of the scarf with a barrette so that this tail holds.

THIRD METHOD - with an elegant buckle.

You can buy in the store belt buckle - in the form of a ring with a jumper. Choose a beautiful with pebble-rhinestones.

And you need 3 scarves-stole. First we do the winding with a leopard stole. Then we dodouble winding black scarfand hide its ends under the back of the head. Finally, we take a silk gray polka dot scarfwe give it a buckle,We tie over the head and hide the tips on the back of the head too. Or leave the rear shallow strings. It is so beautiful and just possible to tie and decorate a scarf on your head.

Now you know at once several ways to tie a tippet on your head. So you can find the right one for yourself and wear your stole with your head held high.But that’s not the end of it.

Becausethere is another series of techniques - on tying the scarf-stole- and soon I will prepare an article with educational photos and on this topic. There we will tie a wide tippet like Muslims do - the most beautiful and suitable for any outfit cases (autumn style under the coat, under the jacket, and summer versions of light scarves). As soon as the article is ready - a link to it will appear here.

Successful to you experiments with scarves.

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