27 incredible design sinks that are completely functional.

The bathroom is the best place to relax. And so it is very important that she was beautiful. These photos prove that sometimes the sink looks like a work of art. Such plumbing is able to set the tone for the whole room, and maybe even the whole apartment.

Make a wish

The design of the sink hints that water should be protected. After all, as soon as you open the tap, the level of the liquid starts to fall in the aquarium from the top. And although specifically this fish is not real, it makes you think about ecology.

And he's so cold

A real iceberg in your bathroom. Or not quite real, but creating an atmosphere of purity and freshness.

Nothing extra

In this model, a water faucet is built in under the rim of the sink. And the water pressure reminds a real spring.

Forward to the Future

The shell of a futuristic design with LED lighting proves that tomorrow is already here.

Natural motives

A solid wood sink with concentric circles looks very stylish.

Monumental lightness

The combination of a massive table top made of natural wood and a transparent, weightless sink makes a very strong impression.

For any growth

The two-level sink is very convenient. You can use the bottom as a bidet, or set it apart for the youngest family members.

Total savings

This design is gaining popularity around the world. Indeed, every year the issue of saving natural resources is becoming more acute. This method of respect for water, as in this design implies convenience and ease of use.



3 in one

Wooden panels transform the toilet to the bathroom and sink, making the room look like a sauna.


The design unites a lamp, a shelf and a sink in a single thing of incredible design.

Economical luxury

Although this unusual sink seems to be marble, in fact it is made from plant material and is complemented with inlays of minerals.

Water form

The design of this shell is inspired by the deep waters of the oceans.And although the scale of the depressions is different, the bathroom is filled with the mood of the ancient element.

A game of shadows

Carved patterns that adorn the glass surface of the sink are reflected on the tabletop.

Frozen drops

Incredible design, reminiscent of melting snow or raindrops.

Zen Style Sink

Modern interpretation of ancient art

Alien forms

It's hard to say what these designs look like, unusual flowers or quaintly frozen mineral rocks.

Geometry of Beauty

The design of this shell does not seem very stable. But everything is very securely fixed, and works fine.

On the crest of a wave

The unusual design in the marine theme combines the sink and faucet.

one system

Multi-module from the bathroom and sink, or bath and shower, with glass panels that make the design light and airy.


Another option for combining several plumbing items. The water from the sink fills the bath.

Elegant simplicity

The laconic design of a comfortable bathroom.

Oriental motifs

Modern plumbing in the traditional oriental style is comfortable to use and beautiful, like a century ago.

Fine carving

Thin wood sink with original drain idea.

Maze for drops

Before getting into the drain, the water makes a small trip on a wooden surface.

Curved space

The designer of this model tried to avoid the usual forms.

Mirror game

The room seems larger because of the full-wall mirror panel. Glass sink panels and lights in an unexpected place reinforces the feeling of unreality of this room.

Natural luxury

The combination of natural elements and deep saturated colors is created so that every visitor of this room is configured to relax and rest.

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