35 magic corners of our planet, which you will certainly want to visit!

Fantastic places captured in these pictures!Check if these sights of our planet are familiar to you?You may want to go to one of these lovely places immediately. Let's start with nearby Europe.

1. Prague, Czechoslovakia

2. Devil's bridge. Gablenz, Germany

The Rakotzbrücke Bridge is called the Devil's Bridge. It is located in Kromlau Park (Gblenz, Saxony) and looks like a basalt arc above the water. It was built in such a way that, combined with the reflection in the water surface, the outline of the bridge described the perfect circle. There is a beautiful legend associated with the construction of this bridge about which you can read.

3. Gardens of Marquisac, France

The gardens of Marcessac Castle are more than six kilometers of shaded avenues made in the form of a labyrinth. All this splendor consists of 150,000 centenary bushes of boxwood figured hand-cut.

4.Island Fortress Mont Saint-Michel, France

According to legend, the castle of Mont Saint-Michel, then still an abbey, was laid on the orders of Archbishop Aubert in the distant 709 year. Archbishop three times in a dream was the archangel Michael and ordered to build a castle on a rock that rises above the sea. But the lazy archbishop, could not understand everything, what does the angel want from him? More details.

5. Escher hotel in Switzerland

Wonderful view from a height of 1454 m above Appenzel and Thurgau in the Alps!

6. The magical rocks of Meteora, Greece

In Greek, "meteor" means "hovering in the air". On the tops of the rocks (600m above sea level) there are 6 Orthodox monasteries. And 60 million years ago, this valley was the bottom of the prehistoric sea.

7. Sierra Albarassin, Spain

"Sierra" means "mountain range." Sierra Albarassin is located at an altitude of 1,000m above sea level. The fortress wall with towers, like a crown, crowns this city. They come here to see the incredible beauty of the dawn!

8. Dark Hedges Beech Tunnel, Ireland

But this place is one of the most mysterious in Ireland. Planted in the 18th century by the Stewart family, the beech lane invariably attracts tourists and professional photographers.

9. Grand Canyon Fjadrarglüufur, Iceland

Icelandic name of the canyon is difficult to pronounce, but the beauty is fabulously charming!

10. Sørvagsvatn, Faroe Islands, Denmark

Tourists call this lake "hanging", or "lake over the ocean" because of the large difference in altitude between the source of fresh water and the salty ocean.

11. Ice cave Vatnajökudl, Iceland

12. Lofoten Islands, Norway

About the beauties of Lofoten has long been legendary, but how else? After all, there you can see the beauty of the Norwegian fjords and see the northern lights. Go there with serious fishing tackle - it will be an unforgettable memory!

13. Castle Eilean Donan, Scotland

There are many castles in Scotland, but Eileen Donan is unanimously recognized as the most romantic. The reason for this - a secluded location and a lot of mystical legends to boot. For example, about mysterious people-seals who live under water, and when they go ashore, they throw off seals, without which they cannot go back to their native element. More details.

14. Cappadocia, Turkey

15. Chefchaouen, Morocco

On the slopes of the Rif Mountains, in the North-West of Morocco, there is a blue city with a rich history of Shefshauen.

16. Flooded City Shicheng, China

Schicheng, or "Lion City" was founded 1300 years ago and was flooded in 1959 during the construction of the dam.

17. The Temple of Kailas in the Caves of Ellora, India

It is an unsurpassed masterpiece and one of the most impressive structures in the world, as well as silent evidence of the coexistence of 3 religions.

18. Rice terraces, Vietnam

19. Petra, Jordan

20. Ladder Haiku, Hawaii

21. Pink Lake Hillier, Australia

Even if you collect water from this lake in a glass, the pink color will remain. Explanation of the phenomenon - the presence of Dunaliella seaweed saltwater and some other living organisms.

22. Huacachin Oasis, Peru

Undoubtedly, the locals, about 200 in the village, are connected with such a beauty with a legend: the lake appeared after the beautiful princess was caught off guard by a young hunter while swimming in the pool. The girl managed to escape, and the pool turned into a lake. The folds of the mantle of the fleeing princess became the dunes surrounding Wakachina, and she herself soon returned to the lake and still lives in it a mermaid. More details.

23. Chinese National Park Zhangjiasi

24. Lake in Patagonia, Argentina

25. Grand Canyon, United States

26. Antelope Canyon, USA

The canyon was named Antelope because of the red-red walls, resembling the color of antelope. Located in the territory of the Navajo Indian tribe.

27. Glacial Lake Moraine in Canadian Alberta, Banff National Park

The amazing blue of the lake is due to the unusual refraction of light on the rocky bottom of the lake.

28. Suspension bridge Kapilano in Vancouver, Canada

A walk in the evergreen forest in North Vancouver should definitely be completed by crossing the 137 m long suspension bridge and look at the rocky river below from a dizzying height!

29. Lensua Maranhences National Park, Brazil

After the rainy season at the beginning of the year, the water lingers in the lowlands between the sand dunes, forming numerous turquoise lagoons in the desert.

30. The Crystal Cave of Nike, Mexico

The cave with giant selenite crystals is located at a depth of 300m just below the city of Nike.

31. Gansu Province, China

This beauty has drawn nature itself. The color spectrum leads to aesthetic trance even experienced travelers.

32. Tasmanian National Park, Australia

33. Mount Roraima, Venezuela

The mountain of Roraima, which resembles a large table, near the Venezuelan border with Brazil, has been impregnable to people for a long time.From time to time, brave men from Indian tribes made their way to the enchanted, according to their beliefs, land, then telling their fellow tribesmen about the amazing plateau with steep walls, cascades of waterfalls and magic rivers with red and black waters ... More.

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