5 reasons why a man can get away from you

Clever, beautiful, and the man threw it. Familiar with this situation? Sometimes feelings alone are not enough for strong relationships. After all, a happy couple is worth a lot of work on themselves. Want to know why men leave their lovers? We have collected 5 main reasons.

I can not take it anymore

There are situations in which it is easier to let go than to try to hold. But in most cases, women's wisdom can help change and maintain relationships. Read carefully our top, and, perhaps, the answer to your question will be found in it.

  1. You have become another. Long-term stable relationships often relax, and women no longer devote enough time to caring for themselves and maintaining “fire”. After all, it seems that all the tests have already been passed, and the loved one should accept you as it is. This is partly true, but after all, feelings and emotions require constant nourishment. Often remember how it all began, be inspired and make notes of novelty in already established relationships.
  2. Problems in communication have remained unresolved.Often, girls too exalt themselves, believing that a man must entertain them, carry them away, talk. Communication in this case is reduced mainly to women's topics, limited to questions about work and finance for the partner. The result is an unequal dialogue, the topic for which is chosen mainly by the woman. It is not surprising that the second side very soon becomes boring and uninteresting.
  3. He does not feel his value. Everyone needs a recognition of their value, including the partner. If everything that he does is not given special importance, it is unlikely that the man will continue to be in such a relationship. Even if his ambitions and goals seem to you not entirely justified, and not particularly worthy of praise, still support. After all, all this is done for a couple, and not for myself.
  4. He has no personal space and time. The beloved is ready for much for the sake of his lady's heart, but at least he sometimes needs rest alone with himself. Always and everywhere together, and if a partner tries to retire - a scandal. Very soon, a man can really have a desire to leave, because personal space and time - an integral part of normal relations.
  5. You receive, but do not give. Imbalance is always devastating, because it threatens the moral exhaustion of one of the partners. First, she accepts courtship, then expects constant signs of attention, allows herself to love, and in return does not give anything but sex, considering the latter a worthy contribution to the relationship. But you cannot build happiness on one sex, therefore it is important to be not only an object of desire sexually, but a friend and a partner.

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