5 tricks with a microwave, which you did not know

  • Anonymous
  • Lone wolf

    About these “novelties”, those who grew up in the USSR, have been known since the first microwaves appeared in our country in the early 80s of the last century.

  • Bogdan

    Microwaves were banned in the USSR after checking and testing products processed in them. The conclusions are disappointing. Health is more important than our scientists said. But in the west do not care, the main thing is to make money.

    • There are results of the check or the number and date of the decree, year? Please sound "disappointing conclusions". What is so dangerous heating water contained in the product? May be enough to read Soviet newspapers before dinner?
      In runet, one article walks with these delusional statements and it is carefully copied from site to site.
      Use Yandex sometimes. Here is the release history of "forbidden" microwave ovens in the USSR
      Here there is information about the occurrence of this hearing

      • Porobuty heat the water, cool, and beat the flowers, see what happens to them through the allotment.

      • Anonymous

        Do you know anything about the "memory" of water? So take an interest and do not impose on Us your principles of approach to everything Soviet. Otherwise - do not like it, do not read.

    • Anonymous

      Nobody in the USSR forbade them, they sold freely, and the price for them was also underestimated, but they did not sell well because of bad publicity.

    • Anonymous

      Soviet doctors wrote a lot about the dangers of chewing gum, in the 90s they also wrote about the benefits of chewing gum.

      • Anonymous

        Today, in a democratic erefia, everything is fine, if only grandmothers would drop poison as well. I have this unit, but it is really very harmful, I am writing especially for Muscovites from old apartments: in order to reduce the microwave radiation, it is imperative that you need email. ground outlet. Even in this case, when the unit is in operation, I do not advise it is closer than 1 m from it. Tested with appropriate devices.

  • Anonymous

    About the bow. If you cut onions, your eyes are watering, then their treatment is going on. Therefore, cut the onions in raw form and at the same time be treated, and not cooked.
    Eating warmed up in the microwave, really "sick", heated on the stove, more "healthy." See what happens with the heated porridges, buckwheat, spelled, rice.Does it not tell you anything?

  • About the harm of microwaves it turned out with the advent of aerogrills and multivarcs - the microwave with more than replaces them and "lowers" in competition.

  • Anonymous

    Does your microwave pass the radiation of a magnetron easily checked without even turning it on? Place your mobile phone inside, close the door and call your number. If the mobile phone rings, then the protection is bad.

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