8 most ridiculous requests that have heard the bride before the wedding

Why not just have to suffer from guests and relatives!

Preparing for a wedding is a process that in itself takes a lot of energy from future newlyweds. So much to do, but you want the wedding to be perfect. But sometimes everyone can spoil ... invited guests.

In one of the special applications called Whisper, brides and grooms shared the strangest requests they heard from their loved ones before the wedding. Some of them are just laughter through tears.

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“My distant friend asked me to sit on the floor during the holiday, because he was afraid of heights,” one of the users wrote.

“A friend asked me: can the whole football team of his son come to our wedding? They recently won the match, and they also want a holiday, ”shared another.

“Friends asked us to change the date of the wedding, because they had not yet decided what to wear and how to reach us,” “A friend set a condition: that all drinks were only pink.Otherwise, she will not come. ”The brides faced such situations.

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However, relatives sometimes behave no better than friends.

- My fiance's grandmother wanted to bring a potato salad with her own hands. I tried to explain what we would celebrate in the dining room.

“My brother asked if he could come in a Superman costume.”

- My fiance asked if we could put a small statue of Caesar at the entrance to the hall: the groom's mother said that we should invite his ex-wife to the wedding.

- My mom's boyfriend said that he needed to invite six of his friends to the wedding, because propriety required this. And we do not even know these people!

Yeah, after such requests, you will inevitably think about it: is it worth it to arrange a magnificent celebration with hundreds of naughty guests. By the way, some world stars are now costing chamber ceremonies and do not even consider it necessary to wear a wedding dress.

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