8 non-standard ideas to use a plastic container

Plastic boxes are designed to make our lives more convenient. But even their manufacturers could not imagine how convenient their minor modifications would be. It turns out that by showing a creative approach, you can make incredible devices that will replace expensive items and materials.

Color chest of drawers

If you want the contents of the transparent boxes to be hidden, paste over the surface of the containers with colored napkins. You can fix the result with clear varnish.

Original box for toys

Stop stumbling over teddy bears and tread on lego details! It is better to put a convenient box in the room, in which the child puts his things. You will need some furniture fabric and 4 wheels.

Organizer for jewelry

Whether you are the owner of a large collection of jewelry, and may be engaged in the sale of jewelry, this advice will be relevant.Hooks, on which necklaces and necklaces will be attached, will not allow jewelry to be tangled. You can easily carry all your treasures.

Arrange cat litter

If you have a cat, and maybe even a few, you are ready for unexpected surprises. Hide animal signs in deep containers with a lid. The lid can be carpeted and decorated with decorative tape. The cat will be grateful for the arrangement of a private place.

Organize a small pond on the site

Inexpensive way to improve your garden. Fill the container with water and add natural stones. If the water blooms, replace the contents of the container.

Christmas tree storage

When preparing for the holiday, you need to be sure that there are whole balls in your Christmas decorations box, and not a bunch of colored fragments. Fasten the toys on the poles inserted in a large plastic container.

House for the hamster

In specialized stores a house of this size can cost a fortune! Build a dwelling for your pets from containers, fixed on each other. It is important to ensure good ventilation on each floor.It is important that the grid is secured securely, and the hamster could not escape.

Box for yarn

Each needlewoman will appreciate the opportunity to get the right thread, without tangling the tangles with each other. All you need to drill a few holes in the lid of the plastic container.

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