8 tricks of waiters that everyone should know about

The waiter seems to be one of the most common professions not only in our country, but throughout the world and this is not surprising, because there are places for public catering everywhere and if the cafe or restaurant does not have a buffet or is not made according to the principle of dining then people need someone to serve. This profession can not be attributed to the most simple and for their work, the waiters usually wait for tips from visitors. Today we want to tell you what tricks the waiters are going to, so that you order more than planned.

Plate "booked"

In any restaurant on the most comfortable and large tables, the Reserved sign usually flaunts, but it does not always mean that this table has already been ordered by someone. Usually this sign is placed so that a small company or a couple of visitors do not accidentally occupy a large table.

"Golden tables"

If you were put in an empty restaurant for an uncomfortable table at the entrance, then know that it was done deliberately.This creates the appearance that there are many guests in the restaurant, that is, you serve as a kind of lure for new visitors. The most elegantly dressed guests are usually put by the waiters by the window or on the veranda to show the high level of the establishment.

Expensive dish at the end

Not succumbing to the tricks of the staff when choosing a table, you can easily get caught up with the other tricks of the waiters, but this time when choosing drinks and dishes. Keep in mind that the most expensive dish or the most refined drink is always called the last. So the probability that you order it is higher.

Prices in the menu

It is also important to pay attention to prices in the menu. Sometimes they are indicated not for the portion, but for 100 grams of the product. No one will specifically warn you about this, so carefully read the footnotes if they exist. This will help avoid an awkward situation when you receive a check.

Waiter's recommendations

Very often in the choice of dishes we rely on the waiter, but in vain. If he very persistently offers some kind of dish, then there are 3 options. Probably, the waiter confused the order and now he needs to quickly find another customer who agrees to the dish ordered by mistake.

Restaurants often have a contract with certain firms, and waiters receive bonuses from the sale of their products. Well, the saddest option is products with expiration date, which should be used as soon as possible.

"Closed" questions

The rule of the "closed" question is used both in budget fast food cafes and in expensive restaurants. If you do not have time to navigate, you will choose between fish and meat, white or red wine, although initially planned to take only a light salad and a cup of invigorating coffee.

Free snacks

Snacks, served free as an aperitif, are nothing more than another trick. Salted nuts and crackers cause thirst and stir up appetite, which means that you will order more drinks and food.

Refresh drinks

If you like to order wine in a restaurant, you probably noticed how the waiter pours you a drink literally after each sip. The main goal here is to finish the wine before you can finish the meal. This increases the likelihood that you will order another bottle.

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