New trailer for “50 shades of freedom”

No matter how much they criticize the trilogy “50 shades of gray”, views on YouTube prove that everyone is looking forward to the final part of “50 shades of freedom”. It's no joke, in a few hours the video looked - just think about this figure - more than 9 million people! The movie epic based on the novels of E. L. James is no less loved than the heroes of Marvel!

Meanwhile, the second official trailer should be seen already and then, in order to hear how Anastacia Steele and Christian Gray (Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan) first call each other ... husband and wife. Yes, the plot will spin after our little doves play a magnificent wedding and rest in the honeymoon. It would seem that all the troubles are behind and ahead of only dolce vita, but no ... On the horizon, the former girlfriend Christian and the former boss Anastacia appear. But do not worry, this couple will have time for everything: and to repel people from the past, and to go to the red room. Well, let's see the trailer? The film will be released on February 8, 2018.

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