Powerful blower with your own hands

A very powerful blower that injects a good air flow that can easily blow out any dust from the computer system unit. Such high power is achieved by an optimal installation design, the use of a powerful and high-speed motor, and an energy-intensive battery from a screwdriver. A blower can find various applications in everyday life and in your workshop. I already showed you one.
Do-it-yourself powerful blower
A big plus is mobility, since everything works without a network and anywhere. The principle of operation of a turbine is centrifugal.

It will be needed for Manufacture

  • Plexiglas.
  • PVC pipes: one large diameter that is used for sewerage. And one small diameter, like for plumbing.
  • , which you can buy on.
  • Battery from a screwdriver.
  • Switch .
  • Second-hand glue.

Making a powerfulblowers

Cut off the ring from the big pipe.
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