African Beyonce Party to celebrate the birth of twins

In the US, there is a cheerful tradition of baby shower - "wash" the upcoming birth of a child. Something like a pre-wedding hen party, only without a stripper and champagne flowing like a river. If you also have a happy event, the idea of ​​decorating a party you can learn from Beyonce, who is preparing for the birth of the twins. Last weekend she gathered her friends, among them Serena Williams, to her home, where she designed everything in an African style: she opened up improvised tents, inflated balls with a zebra pattern, scattered pillows with an animal print on the floor, prepared snacks and did not forget about the dress -code. She herself appeared before the guests as a representative of the Masai tribe - in a turban, with massive ornaments and a tattoo on her belly, made with henna. And do not forget to put the pictures in Instagram.

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