Alena Vodonaeva: “I have so many shoes that I even feel ashamed”

The TV presenter invited “Antenna” to visit and for the first time showed the apartment in which she lives with her six-year-old son Bogdan.

- Everyone who comes to me loves to look at the details and look at the interior. Our house with our son is, indeed, not a typical place, a mixture of loft (when housing is decorated in the spirit of production space. - Note. Antennas) and Wonderland, in which Alice fell. I like the South-Western district of Moscow and Leninsky Avenue, where I live now. Initially I considered the options in these parts, and then the kindergarten, which we finally chose, turned out to be just there. By car, Bogdan arrives in 10 minutes. He is comfortable and calm. With how our house will look like, I decided before it appeared.

Photo: Arsen Memetov

- Jessica Rabbit (cartoon character of detective novels about the rabbit Roger, in the picture behind Alena. - Note. "Antenna") I drew to order.It is made on a wooden ash slab measuring two and two and a half meters. I remember that I barely brought her to the apartment. I wanted to have a picture behind the sofa, right on the floor. First decided on the plot, and the choice was in favor of Jessica. Then she found an artist who could paint her on a tree.

Apartment in the apartment

“Latin letters A and B are our initials, Alena and Bogdan”
Photo: Arsen Memetov

“I wanted the kitchen and living room to be the same space.” It is comfortable, functional and stylish. As for the brick trim on the walls, it was guided by the interests and character of her son. She made the main part of the apartment under him - brutal, manly clear. Because the living room, kitchen, corridors, library, its bedroom and bathroom are designed in the same style: brick, iron, rough parts, wood and metal prevail. The topic and character were discussed and thought out together. I love the nautical style and I think it’s great for a boy’s room. Bohdan has a map of the world hanging on the wall — not only an entertainment, but also an educational element. We often look at the city and the country at bedtime. For me, my son has a dream room.I myself would like this in childhood. But the other part of the house is female. There I have my own separate apartment in the apartment. With a bedroom, dressing room, bathroom, cozy loggia, which is a separate room with a sofa. In the female part there is a nanny room, it is decorated in the style of Provence. This room we have the kindest, as I call it. My favorite place in the house is the kitchen-living room, perhaps, Bogdan and I spend the most time there.

Princess Boudoir

Photo: Arsen Memetov

- In our house there is a lot of unusual, atypical and interesting. For example, a huge pink mirror in the form of a keyhole in my bedroom. Or textiles. The purchase of curtains took a long time, because some fabric flew from London, the other from Paris. They were sewed in St. Petersburg, and every detail and bead were attached manually. I love the combination of gently pink and black, for me these two colors in a duet are both passion and calm. And fantasy, and spiritual harmony. The bedroom is designed in similar colors and reflects my character and thoughts. This is such a female boudoir of the princess mixed with the Joker's lair (supervillain, Batman's sworn enemy. - Approx. Antennas).

- The handmade lamp shade was presented to me by my parents last year. Also candles, books and glasses. But what is inside, I will not say. There are my personal secrets, secrets and skeletons on the shelves.

Photo: Arsen Memetov

I also have a pink “Agent Provocateur” moped with a horse saddle instead of the seat I’m afraid to ride, because after the first hire in our “environmentally friendly” Moscow it will no longer look as cute as it is now. Yes, and leave it somewhere scary, so it is - part of the decor in the library. My mask and sword are also stored here. By the way, I can fence, and very well. And, of course, books. I am a philologist by my first education, I read and read a lot, so that they are my passion and weakness at the same time.

By nature I am a terrible pedant and perfectionist. I love order in everything, both in the plates and in clothes. Every little thing is important to me. So that all hangers in the dressing room looked in one direction, the dishes creaked perfectly from cleanliness, the books stood on the shelves in size. Of course, I have a helper, but believe me, everything in the house always depends only on the hostess. The order, tone and character in the first place sets one and only woman.

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