Alicia Silverstone is ready to give birth to a child from her ex-husband

At the beginning of this year, Alicia Silverstone unexpectedly filed for divorce from her husband Christopher Dzhareka after 20 years of exemplary family life - at least, that was how it was seen from the fans of the actress. The couple broke up on a friendly note and promised to take a joint part in the upbringing of Bear’s son, who turned 7 last year. At this, it would seem, and everything, but the story has continued.

In an interview with Working Mother, the 41-year-old actress suddenly admitted that she wanted to feel the joy of motherhood again and was even ready to give birth to a child ... from her ex-husband. “I have long been dreaming of a little girl,” Alicia said openly. - I want to pianch another Beara. If this happens, I will be overjoyed! But now I’m not in a relationship, but there are other ways to get pregnant. For example, I can always ask my ex-husband to help me with this. ”

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