"Alien" and 8 more films of Steven Spielberg for a winter evening under a rug

From Steven Spielberg's films every time you wait for something unimaginable, original, fantastic - and every time the director does not disappoint.

Jaws, 1975

This horror film is considered the first blockbuster in the history of American cinema, it is also the first film in the history of the hire, which managed to overcome the mark of the box office of 100 million dollars! Many movie lovers are delighted with him so far. The action takes place in a resort town on the island of Amity, where the tourist business during the beach season is the only source of income for local residents. Life flows quietly and measuredly, but ... on an "excellent" day an unprecedented toothy beast instills fear in holidaymakers and residents, only to close the swimming season no one is in a hurry ... It is interesting, but the problems with the filming of this film was complete,Only Spielberg did not drop his hands and made a masterpiece! Even with the current filming technologies, the fake shark looks too artificial, in the mid 70s it was really cool! Well, three Oscar awards are not recognition of skill?

Quadrology "Indiana Jones"; 1981, 1984, 1989, 2008

It was Steven Spielberg who created a series of adventure films dedicated to a fictional character - a restless archaeologist named Indiana Jones, who teaches at the university and travels around the world in his spare time in search of unusual, but very valuable things. And in each film, he is not helped by the simplest people, and the humor of charming Indiana is excellent, as is the case with all the characters in this series of films. Spielberg tried his best to make the film for all time! Well, and about the actor playing the role of Indiana Jones, and it is not necessary to say: Harrison Ford is beautiful in each of the four paintings.

"Alien", 1982

Incredibly touching, kind, instructive and magical film for the whole family, which won four Oscars. In this film there is not a gram of violence, there is not even a weapon, but one director did not think it over - the farewell of a little boy and an alien who broke the hearts of millions of moviegoers was so naturalbelievable. At that moment, even to adults it seemed that the world had collapsed and would never be the same. This is the same when the whole country cried at the closing ceremony of the 1980 Olympics, saying goodbye to the Olympic bear ... Would the film be so sweet if the alien were fully computerized?

"Jurassic Park"; 1993, 1997

The story of the "enraged" dinosaurs, obtained by genetic engineering and sent to an amusement park on an isolated island, wasn’t that lazy. Steven Spielberg, or rather the author of the novel of the same name, Michael Crichton, gave a great idea for extreme rest. We think very few people would have refused such adventures in a realistic park, where strange animals are gathered, and if we could even combine the attraction with lizards with the idea from Hunger Games, the bestseller by Susan Collins, there would be no end to customers. As a director, Spielberg had a hand in only the first two parts of Jurassic Park, but in the third he was an executive producer.

Schindler's List, 1993

This military drama was recognized as the strongest film in its genre in the entire history of cinema.To fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of wartime, Spielberg took a picture in black and white. From viewing remains an unpleasant residue ... as if the whole soul was taken out, turned inside out and put back, without telling how to live with it. The picture is based on real events and tells about a mysterious entrepreneur and member of the Nazi Party of the Soviet Socialist Republic Oscar Schindler who saved about 1200 Jews from the concentration camps during the Second World War. Dot. Seven Oscar awards, seven BAFTA awards, three Golden Globe awards and one Grammy Award, as well as critical acclaim and love of viewers, is a masterpiece, and it's worth it to watch it at least once this drama just do not want to watch - it's very hard).

Rescue Private Ryan, 1998

A heart-rending military drama, based in part on real events and narrating about the rescue operation of the detachment of Captain John Miller, who is instructed to save Private James Ryan and bring him back to his mother. Spielberg was able to do the impossible - he made the Russian man imbued with the story of the Great Patriotic War, shot by the Americans.He showed the war without embellishing a single episode - how people morally broke people every day, how people had to survive in hellish conditions and that everyone was willing to sacrifice their principles to help a comrade ... Especially pleased with the acting: Tom Hanks, Tom Sizemore, Edward Burns , Barry Pepper, Adam Goldberg, Vin Diesel, Giovanni Ribisi, Jeremy Davis, Matt Damon and the others play without a share of fake, making me feel like a story and start worrying about each character ...

“Catch Me If You Can”, 2002

This is a real story about the swindler Frank Ebignail, who by his 21st year already managed to steal several million dollars and not get caught. How did he do it? Simply Frank is a master of reincarnation, a genius for forgery of documents and always one step ahead of his pursuer. But what made him embark on the slippery slope of fraud? Was it not possible, like all normal people, to graduate from university and find a job without perishing the life of yourself or others? It turns out that not everything is so simple ... Frank has a personal tragedy that made him fraudulently get rich. Leonardo DiCaprio in the form of Ebigneil is great, but, unfortunately, he was not nominated for Oscar.

"War Horse", 2011

The film is based on the novel of the same name by Michael Morpurgo and takes us to France, at the height of the First World War. And the main character here is not at all the boy Albert, but his loyal friend — the horse Joey, who was sent to the battlefield along with the cavalry regiment. But could Albert leave his pet? Of course not! Despite his young age, the guy goes to the front to track down his friend. The film is impressive, military scenes can not be forgotten. And most importantly, I would like to note: Spielberg once again shows how deeply he understands the topic of war, so the film turned out to be incredibly realistic, even if sad.

“Big and kind giant”, 2016

This is a kind-hearted fairy tale based on Roald Dahl's novel of the same name, the production of which lasted for a long 25 years ... A truly magical story happened to the orphan Sophie, who lives in a London orphanage, dreams of finding a family and believes in miracles. And then one day a miracle really happens: the girl is in an absolutely alternative world, where giants rule people who hate people. But Sophie is not a timid one, and together with her new friend, BDV is even ready to give her life to save unsuspecting humanity from inevitable death.This film was found entertaining not only by children, but also by adults. And let the box office just slightly exceeded the budget, and the reviews were not too eulogistic, as is usually the case with Spielberg's films, plunge into the magic with this fairy tale will work out in full.

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