Amigurumi Toys: Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Amigurumi Toys: Knitting Patterns for BeginnersThe term "amigurumi" in Japanese means a knitted soft toy. In Japan itself, small pupae are treated with respect, they are not at all considered a simple hobby. For the Japanese, this has become an ingrained tradition, a certain philosophical trend and a kind of real art. At first, the amigurumi toy served as a symbol of Japanese animated characters. Then it became a common embodiment of not only people, but also various animals, as well as fantastic fairy tale characters.

Amigurumi: schemes for beginners

Knitted Amigurumi dolls continue to conquer the world. Every person who knows how to knit at least a little must test the creation of beautiful pupae or funny little animals. Recommendations and valuable tips, as well as on toys amigurumi schemes in our time is quite easy to find.

The most common non-living objects that symbolize amigurumi toys are considered to be a cake, from the animal world - hares, kittens, dogs. When creating a toy hero, they always try to accompany them with some of their human properties. In addition to an interesting muzzle, he often acquires hands or legs, tail.

It is a strange and inexplicable fact, but amigurumi toys cannot be called exclusively childish. They are loved and appreciated by many quite adult and serious people. Quite often it is used as decoration:

  • on a bag or backpack;
  • as keychain on keychains;
  • like a telephone hanger.

In addition, cute products can be settled on your desk or in a flower pot, just on the shelf. Amigurumi toys, whose knitting patterns are presented on our website, may well be a wonderful unusual souvenir to a loved one.Amigurumi Toys: Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Amigurumi knitted dolls: distinctive features

Usually, amigurumi toys are up to 8 cm long, and especially miniature - up to 1 cm. There are no official clear standards. The main feature is the ability to place it in the palm.

Run this Japanese souvenir can be knitting or crocheting. Recently, more and more often, to create a toy amigurumi, schemes for beginners suggest using a hook. If it is not made whole, each of its components must be knitted separately. Work is performed from the beginning, gradually moving in a spiral to the end. Of the types of mating used ordinary column, without any crochet.Amigurumi Toys: Knitting Patterns for Beginners

One of the most common materials will be suitable for an internal filler:

  • any kind of foam rubber;
  • small pieces of holofiber;
  • ordinary medical cotton;
  • the remains of a synthetic winterizer.

Amigurumi Toys: Knitting Patterns for BeginnersIn order to make the handle or foot of the toy more difficult, a special ball of glass or plastic can be inserted inside. The smallest toy can be filled with buckwheat, large rock salt and even balls that can ring.

Types of threads for amigurumi

Threads for amigurumi can be used a variety of. Not bad is the cotton yarn "Iris", mixed yarn of cotton and acrylic, and also pure acrylic. Any household remnants of any yarn that can be found will be useful.The thickness of the thread should not be too large. As for the size of the hook, as the main knitting tool, the smaller it will be, the denser the knitting will come out, and accordingly, the smaller the size of the toy.
All the associated parts must be sewn together so that they can not be constantly shifted. Using special hinges, the handle or the leg of the toy can be made mobile.Amigurumi Toys: Knitting Patterns for Beginners

Creating a charming appearance of the toy helps the disproportionality of its structure. The body may be smaller than the head or completely absent. To enhance the impression, the toy makes a pretty face and expressive huge eyes. The muzzle can be painted, if desired, using a chalk, a marker or cosmetics.
Once you have created several amigurumi toys, the schemes of which you will find on the site, it is simply impossible to stop!

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