Angelina Jolie - new face Guerlain

For a long time in the beauty industry there was no such revival. And all because Guerlain's perfume house managed to get a first-rate Hollywood star, by itself ... Angelina Jolie. The actress, the director, the UN Goodwill ambassador always chooses advertising campaigns and has not spoiled us for a long time with her appearance in advertising (although we still remember her in Louis Vuitton, ST.John and Shiseido). On March 1, Angie will present a new fragrance of Guerlain, about which so far little is known - except that she intends to transfer all funds to charity.

One would think that Angelina is competing in good deeds with her ex-husband Brad Pitt (who recently took part in a charity concert where he helped raise funds for the needy). But this is not the case; she began to discuss cooperation with Guerlain in December 2015, when she was shooting the film “First they killed my father: memories of Cambodia’s daughter” based on the book Lung Ung. In the story she made references to her childhood memories, including those related to the powder of Guerlain, which her mother loved.So the cooperation with the perfume house for Angelina is another personal story that she wants to tell.

Stay tuned! #MonGuerlain

Photo posted by Guerlain (@guerlain)Jan 23 2017 at 8:01 PST

The French beauty brand since 1828, has been honored to be a sign for women.

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