Angels with their own hands

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Without decorations, without elements of decor, even the most modern house can hardly be called stylish. One of the desired decorations, especially during the winter days of Christmas, New Year's holidays, and on any other days when you want a fairy tale - small angels, made by hand from foam. Useful tips on making further.


Females from foam by own hands



These little ornaments from children's fairy-tale dreams will decorate the house, give it a special atmosphere of coziness and warmth. For the manufacture of these elements of the decor you need a little: a piece of foam with a small thickness of 1 to 1.5 cm, a sharp knife, scissors, paper, pencil, a can of paint of the desired color, a thread or a ribbon.


To begin with, draw on a piece of paper a drawing of an angel, which you would like to subsequently see in a ready-made form, that is, prepare a template. Later on it and you will make angels of foam.
When preparing the above template, it is not necessary to depict too complex parts of the figure, such aslike pens of an angel with fingers or carefully draw each feather in the wing - let the drawing be rather sketchy, but understandable from the general outlines (along the silhouette). Make drawings of angels in profile and full face - in this case, you will get two types of jewelry.


Cut out the resulting images, put them on a sheet of foam, and circle with a pencil, pen or felt tip pen. Then use a sharp knife to cut the images. You should have flat figures of white angels (or any other depending on the color of the foam).


Now with the help of watercolors or, much better, with a can of silver or gold paint, paint the resulting angels. Allow the products to dry well.


Using a knife, knitting needle or needle (or maybe you have an old grandfather's pistol or machine gun at home — then use it) make holes in the upper part of the resulting jewelry and insert the ribbon or thread into these holes.


Or, without making any holes, just gently stick a thin needle into the bottom of the dress of the resulting angel along the foam plastic.You will get an angel decoration that can be inserted into a flower pot or a shallow flower vase.


Now the resulting Christmas angels can be hung with ribbons in the doorways of the apartment, or you can attach several pieces tied to a curtain over the curtains in the room, or you can decorate them with a chandelier in the children's room (in the case of incident light from the lamps, they will sparkle beautifully in the late evening - just don’t hang them too much). close to the light source itself, otherwise fire may result).

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