Every mobile phone owner is used to the fact that during a call, the contact name or number is displayed if the caller is not in the contact list. If, during a call, the phrase "Unknown subscriber" or "Number hidden" appears on the display instead of the usual symbols, then the opponent wishes to remain anonymous. There may be many reasons for this, but a special Anti-AON service (Anti-caller ID) allows you to hide your phone number.

Anti-caller ID

This service allows you to stay incognito when calling to mobile or landline phones.

There are several options for AntiAON:

  • adjustable - opening or hiding numbers with each outgoing call. It is enabled by default when ordering a service;
  • permanent - your phone is hidden for everyone you call until the service is turned off.

By the way, this service applies only to calls. If you send sms or mms, the incognito mode will not work.


How to hide the number on the megaphone

There are several ways to activate the “Number Caller ID” service on the Megaphone:

  1. Send an empty SMS message to number 000105501 (a response message will be received with information on the results of the operation).
  2. Dial the combination * 105 * 501 #.
  3. Go to the official website of the operator in your account and activate from there.

Service activation costs 10 p., And the daily subscription fee is 5 p. The cost may vary depending on which region of the country the SIM card was purchased and registered.

If you want to make your number visible for a particular subscriber (single call), dial the combination: * 31 # subscriber’s phone number and call. After that you can call as usual. This combination is “one-time”, so you need to dial it every time. If you want a subscriber to be able to constantly see your number when you call, save his contact in the book by assigning the above code.

To deactivate the service, use one of two methods:

  1. Dial USSD code * 105 * 501 * 0 # and call.
  2. Disable through the personal account on the official website of the operator.

How to hide a number on Tele2


The anti-determinant on Tele2 is controlled by the following commands:

  1. Dial * 117 # and call to get information about the anti-ion service.
  2. Activation command * 117 * 1 # and call.
  3. Disable the service with * 117 * 0 # and call.

To find out the cost of AntiAON, use the service certificate by typing the combination indicated in paragraph 1.

When making calls outside the network to other operators (Megafon, Beeline, MTS), the stable operation of the option is not guaranteed. The exception is only calls within the network or to fixed telephone numbers.

Important: AntiAPA will not work if the subscriber has a service for identifying intentionally hidden numbers.

How to hide your number on MTS

The number identifier on the MTS allows you to disable or allow recognition of your own number during outgoing calls within the home network. When making calls to subscribers of competing operators, the full functioning of the service option is not guaranteed.

To hide the number once, use the “Anti-on-demand” option. At the same time, it is allowed to activate only one of the services: either permanent or adjustable (on request) MTS Anti-determinant.

Connect the option in several ways:

  1. From the Personal Cabinet using the Internet Assistant on the official website of the operator.
  2. Having typed a system combination * 111 * 46 # and a call.

To disable the MTS Anti-qualifier, type the following key combination: * 111 * 47 # and call.

The cost of connecting the service is 17 p. Without taking into account the monthly fee depending on the selected package (Your country, Super MTS, etc.). Daily rate - 3.95 p. Any changes in the cost of the service can be viewed on the official website or in the telephone mode by contacting the operator.

How to hide your number on Beeline


The anti-identifier on Beeline will help the subscriber to remain unrecognized, even if his interlocutor has a number identification service installed.

To connect an option, type the combination of characters: * 110 * 071 # and a call. Activation is also available by calling 067409071. If you want to disable anti-AEA on the Beeline, type the following command: * 110 * 070 # and press the call button.

In a situation where you do not want to hide your identity from the person you are talking about, dial the following command: * 31 # the subscriber's phone and a call.

Important: The option will not work if the interlocutor has the Super Identifier service installed.

Anti-AON to Beeline is relevant only for voice calls (calls), does not apply to SMS or mms, it is guaranteed to work only when making calls within the home network (to other Beeline subscribers) or to landline phones.Activation of the service is completely free, the daily subscription fee is 3.77 r, and on the postpaid system - 88 p / month.

The Anti-number identifier option is becoming more in demand day by day. It is necessary not only for the drawing of friends and secret calls, but also for quite reasonable reasons. For example, many companies or online stores record the numbers of the calling customers, and then send them messages with ads, promotions and other spam. If you are tired of such phenomena, connect Anti-AON today.

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