As asparagus grows

Asparagus is an exotic vegetable that can be grown in the summer cottage. In this plant, many valuable and useful substances, in particular, vitamins A, C, B and minerals. She was especially fond of healthy food fans. How does asparagus grow?
The plant "loves" open, sunny places, protected from the winds. This crop can also be cultivated under trees, as it gives the crop in early spring, when there is no foliage on them. You can grow asparagus by seed or vegetative way. Asparagus is a dioecious culture: male plants have the highest productivity, so for planting perennial plantations it is necessary to use them, and female plants should be rejected.
The maximum yield can be collected when growing asparagus in a seedling manner. Before sowing, soak the seeds for two to three days in warm water, then dry and sow to a depth of 3 cm in a row. After 2-3 weeks, the first shoots will appear that need to be watered, loosened, removed weeds and fed with phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, slurry or bird droppings.The plant should be prepared for frosts - cut 10 cm from the ground, pile up the rhizome with soil, and in the fall cover with a humus ball.
After two years, seedlings can be dug and transplanted into a prepared and enriched place with organic mixture. Plant the seedlings in the first half of May or in the second half of August, deepening them by 15–20 cm below the soil surface and maintaining a distance between plants of 30–35 cm. year in the spring to harvest the first harvest. Before harvesting, crop up the aisles, and sprinkle the plants well with soil.
Rows of ridges can be covered with black polyethylene or boxes - this will speed up the harvest and improve the quality of the shoots. The fact is that the green heads of the shoots are more rough and bitter in taste, and without access to light, they turn white and tender. With the appearance of heads on the surface of the ridge, the soil must be otgresti, and the shoots carefully cut off to avoid damage to the rhizome. After harvesting, do not forget to perform hilling again.
In the first years, the harvest can be harvested for 20–30 days, in subsequent yields will only grow.Although for two years you should not cut more than 2–4 shoots from one plant, but they should be stored in a refrigerator for no more than two weeks wrapped in a damp cloth. Asparagus can cook a variety of dishes: it is added to wine, garlic, vinegar, marinade, etc.

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