How is Christmas celebrated in different European countries?

Christmas is always bright emotions, a beautiful family holiday, which is fanned by a certain aura of mystery and magic. If you want to feel new emotions and try to spend this holiday differently, then go somewhere in Europe, because it is there that the Catholic Christmas is celebrated on a larger scale than even the New Year.

On the eve of this holiday, the Europeans are actively organizing holiday fairs, where you can buy unusual and traditional Christmas souvenirs. Such sales are giving the European towns a special flavor that envelops and charges a festive mood.


And what are the cost of numerous festivals and folk festivals, when mummers are walking around the streets, and mulled wine and cookies are distributed free on the streets? At such a miracle is clearly worth a look, but that's just what to choose?

Despite the fact that all Catholics celebrate Christmas on the same scenario, each country has its own characteristics,which make this holiday unique. Where to go for Christmas to spend your holiday holidays unforgettably and with taste?

The inflows of tourists at popular resorts are greatly increasing at this time, so take care of the trip must be in advance to have time to book a room and plane tickets.

In Germany

In recent years, short tours to Europe, whose duration is not more than 1 week, have enjoyed increasing success. Naturally, the most popular dates are the middle and the end of December, because it is at this time that the most stormy and active festivities take place.

Going to Europe, it should be remembered that most of the fair markets on the eve of holidays already practically do not work, and on December 25 they are completely closed, therefore all walks and purchases should be carried out before this date.

The most popular and even traditional are the French, English and Polish Christmas markets, no doubt, in December it will be hot there! German fairs are not inferior in scope with their unique daily shows, especially in Nuremberg and Munich.

Decorated houses

But after the Catholic Christmas all the most interesting and fascinating is transferred straight to Berlin, where the most unusual New Year's competitions originate,as well as organizing mass celebrations of local people under the famous Brandenburg Gate.

If you are going to have a rest with children, then be sure to go to Finland in the snow, because only there, famous to the whole world, Lapladia, where the real Santa Claus lives! A huge number of Christmas events are held here, and anyone can personally say hello, take pictures and get a gift from Santa.

This is Europe

In a word, there is a tourist, where to go for Christmas holidays in Europe, though, and the prices here will be appropriate: before the winter holiday season, the cost of tourist passes takes off twice, and sometimes three times! But, to be sure, it is really worth it, because Christmas in a European way is always fun, bright and unforgettable!

For those who could not decide what is closer to him and in which country is more interesting, we made a small tour of the main places where you really should be at Christmas.

Paris, France

It is not a secret to anyone that Paris is one of those places that can leave an indelible impression in memory at any time of the year, and even in the Christmas week - even more so.Here, Christmas is a real fairy tale, which is accompanied by the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree, decorating it with balls and stars, because according to the needles in the needles there lives a green spirit.

Cool place

In all pastry towns of the city, traditional “logs” are being prepared - a sweet dessert, something like a cream roll, which is decorated like a real log. If you go for a walk around the city, then surely you will be able to admire the Christmas trees decorated by famous designers, because it is the real capital of fashion, everything should be in trend!

What is worth the signs department store Galeri la Fayette, which was decorated by the efforts of Jean-Charles Castelbajac, a truly fabulous place!

If you go to Paris, be sure to visit the exhibition of couture firs, which has been held at the Hotel Meris for 6 years in a row, also don’t forget to visit the local restaurants where you can treat yourself to traditional French festive dishes - foie gras with raspberry sauce, consommé black truffles, fresh oysters and, of course, a sweet Christmas log!

Prague, Czech Republic

If you want to pamper yourself with free gingerbread and traditional hot punch, then go straight to Prague, Wenceslas Square, there is enough entertainment for the holidays for everyone!

Be sure to check out the Prague Zoo, where you can feed the bears with sweets, as they say, for good luck, visit the noisy Prague pubs and, of course, do not forget to feast on a glass of beer.

Czech Republic

Did you know that the humane Czechs never cut down Christmas trees to dress up the beautiful house, and get them in special pots and pots?

Even pot-bellied carps — an ingredient for the Christmas dish — are bought in special large vats so that at the end of the holiday the survivors of the lucky ones will be released into the wild. If you want to feel the spirit of a real Czech Christmas, be sure to go to Prague, you will not regret!

Rome, Italy

Be sure to go to Rome if you want to visit the heart of the Catholic faith on the brightest holiday, namely, on Piazza San Pietro. The most important decoration of the holiday, of course, is the 10-meter spruce, which every year is sent to the Vatican as a gift from one of the countries of Europe.

In Italy

If you want to see the father of all Catholics, then he will surely appear on the balcony of his residence on December 25, all elegant and festive, be sure to read the whole Christmas sermon.

Apart from the traditional festive fairs, in Piazza Navona you should definitely meet the Italian witches who entertain people from December 1 to 25, and do not forget to enjoy delicious local festive delicacies - torrone and panettone.

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