Authority and respect


Authority is considered in society as a consequence of the respect of others for the moral qualities of a particular person. Without respect, do not achieve credibility. By and large, the concept of the term "authority" does not fit into a certain framework. Standard phrases and templates are not invented for those who seek to achieve it. However, it is still possible to talk about what authority is and its relationship with respect.

Authority and respect: who needs it?

Every person who sets a goal - to gain authority in a certain circle of communication, should clearly know why he needs it. After all, to become an authoritative person means to go through criticism, discontent and flattery. Are you ready to accept fair remarks and reconsider your behavior, worldview and attitudes to others? In addition, you will have to listen to a lot of advice, fend off flattering confessions of those who seek your favor. If your goal is to get a lot of flatterers around and achieve just such recognition, then you are on the right track.

In fact, authority implies that a person is respected by both friends and enemies for his personal qualities.

For people of all, without exception, it is impossible to be good, because you have to go through recognition and rejection of your statements and views. Otherwise, by pleasing everyone and everyone, you will achieve the opposite - become a person from the category of "ours and yours".

Character education, as the first step to authority

To gain credibility, you need to be knowledgeable in a certain area of ​​knowledge or skills. After all, recognition can be achieved only when an example to follow is seen in you.

In addition, the acquired knowledge should be supported by sufficient experience and personality traits. The main components of the authority of the individual are the following:

Perseverance in achieving your goal, in other words - dedication. This human quality, backed up by experience, knowledge and skills leads to significant results. Thanks to the achieved heights, the self-respect of a person grows, the attitude of others towards him changes. Sooner or later, seeing your victories,people will seek advice and take into account your opinion;
Own opinion, supported by clear facts should be consistent. It is unlikely that a person who has “seven Fridays in the week” will be able to convince others that his judgment is the only correct and correct one. But a competent and educated person, at the same time, respects someone else's opinion, listens to him, and singles out a rational grain for himself. If you are told that you are wrong in some aspect, look for the truth in authoritative sources. After some time, you will come to the consciousness of the correctness of your judgments, already on the basis of your own conclusions and personal experience;

Authority and respect

You must be an "inflexible" person. Everyone around you should know that you have an inner “core” and it is simply impossible to bend your will. You can not stop at a time when difficulties are looming on the horizon. Do not panic, and do not rush into extremes when choosing the right solution to the problem. In any case, you must radiate calm and confidence so that people know that you see a way out of any, even the most difficult situation;
An authoritative personality is always up to date with the latest developments concerning a specific field of activity.However, self-development and awareness of what is happening in the surrounding reality is an advantage that characterizes you as a diversified personality;
An authoritative person does not "throw words to the wind." His every promise is a guarantee that it will be fulfilled without fail. The promise made to the person must be fulfilled in full and on time. Then everyone will regard you as a man of word, worthy of respect;
The ability to share experiences and train. A person may be considered to be an expert in his field, but no one will come to him for advice or knowledge if he does not know how to answer the question posed, or to explain on fingers what is required of you. Monosyllabic answers and gestures will not make you an authoritative person in the team;
A prospect or an emotionally unbalanced person will not gain respect. Who knows what to expect from him in the future? People are afraid of such people, avoid them, and try not to make conversations and requests. Such individuals can afford to raise their voices on their subordinates, barely taking power.Dissatisfaction with oneself and a feeling of dissatisfaction with life are pushing to humiliate those who are weaker than them and will not respond to an insult for fear of being dismissed or persecuted in a team;
Respect for people is the main quality of an authoritative person. Not in vain in the people there is a proverb that a person should treat others as he wishes to be treated. By showing respect to people around you, you send a signal to their subconscious that you want communication, and tune in to their wave. You easily establish contact with those whom you consider authority, and those who see in you a person;

Authority and respect

Self-confidence. Not self-confidence from scratch, but the confidence of a person who knows what is right, and to convince him is difficult. A confident person will calmly listen to a fair criticism and comment in his address, draw appropriate conclusions, and try to change for the better;
People will see the fruits of your efforts, and only then they will be sure of your rightness and authority. This applies to success in a wide range of areas of activity - study, sports, work, business, etc. Do what you can and bring the benefits to others, and you will be one step closer to recognizing you as an authoritative person.

Authority and respect in the team

It is difficult to understand why you need authority, and how to start to win it. The rest is a matter of technique. The authority in the team determines the level of respect that your colleagues have for you. Achieving this status gives a lot of advantages to its owner. The most important thing is a sense of self-satisfaction, and the opportunity to gain like-minded people and followers. For a leader, credibility is the only chance to make the team a single group of people who are striving for the prosperity of their own firm and who work with enthusiasm for the common cause.

However, the one who just came to the new team, to win the respect of colleagues - the primary task. Further work and relations with employees depend on it. In order not to be trapped on the very first day at the workplace, try to talk less about yourself, listen more.

For some time you will be a stranger with whom no one will share secrets and confide. Look, listen, and ask unobtrusive questions to understand the rules by which this community of people lives and communicates. Try not to bother too much with questions or expressing your own opinion, so as not to seem intrusive and tactless.Memorize the names, patronymic and surnames of each member of the team, so as not to offend a person with impolite treatment. Do not engage in conflict with anyone, with leaders, or with outcasts. Stay neutral until you clearly decide which group to join.

For each member of the team, choose your own approach. Try not to show a sense of humor, because there are people who do not understand humor, and will be offended by your innocent joke. Do not share your own observations with anyone from others. As long as you do not know people, it may happen that you entrusted the secret to the first gossip. Ask for advice, and ask for help on matters relating directly to work. Participate in events and parties that take place in the office, company or factory. Do not tell about yourself all in the smallest details, but do not be secretive and unsociable.

Authority and respect

Do not refuse to help anyone, but do not let us use yourself. It is necessary to clearly delineate the boundaries of what is allowed, for which no one will enter. Do not refuse to harshly, explain the reluctance to help at another whim by the fact that you have too many responsibilities, and there is no free time for this.The success in the new team depends on how much you get on the idea of ​​the common cause, which people are busy here for a long time. New ideas and original solutions will make you recognize the interesting personality of even the most stagnant skeptics. Your credibility directly depends on how much you treat employees with respect.

You have achieved the desired - authority in the team. Now do not engage in self-digging, and searching for the origins and causes of the new status. Use the position, but do not forget that losing credibility is much easier than buying. In your behavior and attitude towards others should not change anything. Self-perfection and commitment will remain the companions of a person who is respected by others for the rest of his life.

The authority of women in the workforce

It is difficult for a woman to achieve career heights in a world ruled by men. They constantly get in the way of something - family, life, impulsiveness. However, most ladies dream of working in a team of men. Why? This has many advantages:

Men do not gossip;
They do not plot each other;
Reserved, and do not allow the emotional side of character to prevail over professionalism.

Before deciding to work among men, a woman should know that the requirements for her character and knowledge will be presented as a representative of the male sex. To earn the respect of men, she needs to put herself at their level, and live by the new rules.

Get ready for the fact that colleagues at work who are in equal positions with you will in every way prove your inconsistency as a specialist. They do this not out of malice, they speak of the slighted male pride, and the eternal fear of men to be weaker than a woman.

Do not take offense at them for this and do not take revenge. Be proud that the man saw in you a rival worthy in every sense. To find a compromise, listen to his opinion, and take note of the statements and thoughts. Perhaps in the future you will become like-minded, if from the very beginning of cooperation you do not destroy everything with hysterics and aggression. Conduct a dialogue, do not make fun, and pretend that you do not notice the mistakes and miscalculations. Improve your own professionalism, respect the opinions of others, and stock up on knowledge.

For a male director, it is important to see in you a reliable and knowledgeable employee.Do it on time, do not hesitate to ask again what you do not understand. Show your talents, be an enterprising and creative worker. Express your suggestions and your own opinion.

Authority and respect

It is more difficult if you are in the role of leader, and you need to achieve respect and authority among male subordinates. In this case, it is important to learn to control yourself. You need to clearly formulate thoughts, give reasoned and logical tasks, and do not show that you are not sure about something.

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