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Automotive PrintsBravo, hundredth!
Given the complex urban realities - terrible frosts, the same traffic and the employment of invited guests - the idea of ​​arranging a trophy-raid on the occasion of the anniversary was abandoned almost immediately. Instead, the Moscow region moved to celebrate to the very center of the capital - the club on the Old Arbat, where they set up a festive bivouac near the bowling lanes and billiard tables.


Among the guests of the evening were colleagues journalists from various automobile publications, TV-men from "Auto Plus", "8th TV Channel" and "Men's", PP partners from representative offices of world-known automobile brands and tuning companies, motor sportsmen and fans of club pokatushek on impassability , participants and organizers of long expeditions and one-day raids, and, of course, a pro in the field of public relations and advertising. The people got gambling and after a short official part with all the passion joined the bowling tournament. Well, the apogee of the evening was the performance of the Bravo group, which played the rock'n'roll set from their hits of different years.


What a holiday without a cake? The French bakery-confectionery "Baravi-T" presented ... edible magazine, only not the usual size 30 × 22 cm, but 60 × 80 cm and not 128 pages thick, but 8 cm. And the record holder weighed not 370 grams as its paper prototype, and all 13+ kg! Biscuit, cream, peach filling and pistachio layer fingers yum! But the most important thing is the “cover”, which exactly repeats the hundredth anniversary number! It was made with the help of photo printing on sugar (edible!) Paper.


The departure of the guests ended far after midnight, and naturally everyone regretted that the issues of the magazine with the hundredth pass-through number appear on average once every nine years, and up to two hundredth, dropped out on June 2020, about how many more ... On the other hand, " PP ”constantly generates reasons to gather a wide circle of like-minded people - you will not get bored with us! Automotive prints in the city of Moscow.

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