Baby Safe

Be demanding

Poisonous dishes in appearance does not differ from normal dishes. It also has rainbow pictures, it is not broken. The human eye is unable to self-identify defects in the dishes. Therefore, you must request a hygienic certificate from the seller. If it is not available, then it is strictly forbidden to purchase such products for a child.

Danger lurks in ordinary things.

Parents buy for their grown up child his personal dishes. But they do not want to buy expensive, because the child can break it, Therefore, they buy dishes cheaper, but such dishes may not meet the safety requirements. This pitfall can harm the health of your child.

It should be ensured that the child does not take food from toy dishes, she can saturate his body with harmful chemicals. After all, this product is not designed for the fact that it was used by living people, not dolls.

In general, plastic dishes will adversely affect the health of the child. Keep the same plastic bottles away from the baby. It is best to use a baby bottle for storing liquids, and a glass bottle for older children. Glass does not emit harmful chemicals and does not harm the health of the child.

As for cutlery, it is best to purchase their silverware. Silver spoon can be put in a glass of water to kill germs.

A good substitute for silver cutlery can be stainless steel appliances. Aluminum appliances are strictly prohibited to use. They secrete potent chemicals.

It is best to purchase dishes in stores that specialize in selling children's dishes. Such stores always have and must have certificates confirming that this dish is harmless to the health of the baby.

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