Banana Pudding

Banana Puddingis a recipe. Pudding is a terrific dessert from the United States, consisting of pudding, cookies and bananas.


  1. 2 tablespoons of milk;
  2. 70 g sugar;
  3. 1 tbsp flour;
  4. 2 tsp. starch;
  5. pinch of vanilla;
  6. 2 yolks;
  7. 14 cookies;
  8. 2 bananas.


We heat the milk, but we will not let it boil. Beat the yolks slightly with a whisk and pour about a quarter of the heated milk to them, continue to stir. Pour the mixture of yolks and milk into pre-mixed dry ingredients, whisk with a whisk and send to the pan with the remaining milk.

While stirring, cook over medium heat until thick. We remove. Letting cool (pudding thickens a little more) under the lid (to avoid film formation).

In the meantime, we will prepare molds, on the bottom of which we will have to lay cookies and bananas cut into slices. Pour pudding. Put another couple of cookies and banana slices and pour in the remaining pudding. Depending on the molds, you can make several layers alternating cookies-banana-pudding.

Decorate (often use whipped cream for this purpose).

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