Basic rules for tempering chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most favorite treats of people of different ages. In addition, it is really a unique product. Under the influence of different temperatures, there can be tremendous changes with it. These metamorphoses make it possible to obtain openwork patterns, varnish sweets and figurines of fairy-tale heroes from the usual kindled mass.

If you heat and cool chocolate at home without regulating temperature fluctuations, you run the risk of crystallization of cocoa butter of different sizes as a result. To avoid this, chocolate products must be tempered. This procedure refers to the process of heating or cooling to a certain degree.

Thanks to this crystallization, the cocoa butter freezes in such a way that the gloss and texture are preserved in the desired structure for a long period of time. This is necessary in the following cases:

  • you want to exclude the appearance on the surface of white bloom products;
  • you need to increase the melting point of the chocolate so that it does not melt when in contact with your hands;
  • it is necessary to cool chocolate products as soon as possible;
  • You want the tile to shine and be smooth to the touch.

What you need to know about crystallization

Next, we analyze how to do everything correctly to get an excellent result.

For the process it is necessary to take only high quality black, milk or white chocolate. If you decide to save and take in equal parts a product of different quality, this can spoil all the work done. Also, do not use chocolate, which is used in combination with other products, such as cake, mousse or ice cream.

Remember that any chocolate product is very sensitive to high humidity and strong smells.

And if there is contact with air or light, the cocoa bean product quickly oxidizes. Therefore, be sure to observe the storage conditions of chocolates. They should be in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and sudden temperature changes, in hermetically sealed packaging.

If your chocolate is heavily thickened after the tempering procedure, this is due to the rapid increase in cocoa butter crystals.Such a phenomenon will cause your product to become less smooth and less fragile. In addition, bubbles created during operation will be difficult to remove.

To remedy the situation, you will need to add some hot chocolate to the product, and mix everything thoroughly. To speed up the process, you can briefly send a container of chocolate in the microwave. Do not forget to interfere with the mass and monitor the temperature. The result is perfect tempered chocolate.

Crystallization stages


The chocolate should be heated to a temperature at which the crystals will melt. Some confectioners insist that cocoa bean products should not be heated higher than 48 degrees, otherwise the solids in their composition will break up into fat and thick mass.

But at the same time, many technologists say that chocolate does not melt well at temperatures below 50 degrees. Since cocoa beans grown in different parts of the Earth react to drops in their own way, you can first check with the chocolate mass producers the optimum melting temperature if you achieve all the accuracy.

Keep in mind that chocolate should never be exposed to direct heat sources. Therefore, use for the process of melting the oven with a clearly controlled temperature regime, a water bath or a microwave, in which you can control the uniform bringing the chocolate mass to the desired temperature.

If you plan to do crystallization regularly, then purchase a special chocolate thermometer for this purpose, with it you can always control the required temperature mode.


This stage must be carried out very quickly. You must cool the chocolate to 26 degrees (milk and white), to 27 - black.

Slight heating

Heat the mass to 30 degrees, and through time to 32. Do this for several minutes, gradually, to allow the remaining crystals to form. Note that for white and dairy products, the temperature should be one to two degrees lower.

Final stage

Be sure to do everything right. To do this, apply a thin layer of chocolate on the parchment or paper. After five to seven minutes, try to carefully remove.If you do it easily, and the surface is smooth and shiny, then all the cooking steps are completed.

If you see spots and bubbles, you will have to do it all over again. Moreover, the crystallization process can be carried out many times. Just be more careful and consider all the above tips.

Expensive crystallization

This method is the simplest, but at the same time expensive. To test it, you need a special machine. With it, you can easily make tempering. The device will gradually heat the chocolate and slowly cool it. The finished product will have an aesthetic appearance and excellent taste.

Water bath crystallization

  1. Break the chocolate into pieces and put them in a separate container. Pour warm water into the saucepan and place the bowl with the prepared tile so that the bottom does not reach the liquid.
  2. Once the chocolate starts to melt and becomes liquid, remove the container and wrap in a towel to keep it warm.
  3. Add to the melted chocolate a piece of the finished tempered product (15-20% of the total mass) and begin to stir.
  4. Stir until the temperature reaches 30 degrees for the black product and 28 for the milky and white.
  5. As soon as the desired temperature is reached, the product is ready for use.

Microwave Crystallization

  1. Grate a chocolate bar or smash it into bars.
  2. Put the pieces in a heat-resistant dishes and put in a microwave for 10-15 seconds.
  3. Check the temperature every 10 seconds to prevent overheating.
  4. As soon as the mass is almost melted, remove the container from the microwave and stir everything thoroughly so that there are no lumps and floating chips.

If you did everything right, then your finished product will not crumble and break. It appetizesly glitters, crunches, has a smooth, non-granular texture and melts in the mouth.

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