Beauty services that make life easier for us

Current beauty salons make numerous offers for all kinds of services that can make us beautiful. In this case, individual procedures bring effects that can last from one and a half months to several years. This applies to the hair, and to the area of ​​the face, and nails.


There are quite a lot of similar services, there are well-known in wide circles, and those about which only long-term customers of beauty salons have information.


The magazine of useful tips will tell you about what kind of beauty salon services make the existence of the current woman easier. Let's start by listing those procedures that most people know about.


Permanent makeup (tattoo)


What is permanent makeup?



Permanent makeup is a technique for applying natural dyes to the skin, which are then fixed in its surface layers. It is used to emphasize eyebrows, draw eyes, lips, mask scars and the like.


The benefits of permanent makeup


tattooing is suitable for women who lead an energetic life;


very businesslike persons;


contact lens wearers;


This is a good option for women who have an allergic reaction to cosmetics;


tattooing allows you to seem seductive invariably from the time of day;


You may prefer multiple tones.


Disadvantages of permanent makeup



For the most part, the procedure is harmless, but there is a danger that unpleasant results may occur:


You can make a variety of infectious diseases, such as hepatitis or staphylococcal infection;


Permanent make-up - in other words, a tattoo. Over time, it becomes colorless, but never disappears entirely. As a result, if you want to get rid of permanent makeup, then you have to use laser technology, which still hurts. It will take several sessions that will cost money. The absolute disappearance of the tattoo can not be carried out without the appearance of scars, the appearance of granulomas, in other words, inflammatory tissue proliferation, which has the shape of a nodule or tubercle.


How long does the effect of permanent make-up last?


As usual, the result remains for 2-7 years. This indicator is personal. Often, much depends on how you looked after the tattoo in the first few days, while the dye went through the fixing stage, and the skin was restored.


Permanent makeup prices


The cost depends on what area of ​​the face the procedure will be done and according to which scheme, as well as on the salon itself. The price range is significant: from 3.5 to 12 thousand rubles.


What concerns adjustments and improvements, its price is from 2.5 to 10 thousand rubles. It goes without saying that the upper limit is a conditional indicator, because there are extremely expensive beauty salons, in which the price of procedures is several levels higher than the statistical average.


Thermolifting (Thermage)


What is thermolifting?



Thermage is a procedure that applies radio frequencies. The very same technique was called Thermacool ™. Thermal lifting allows you to make the skin smoother, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, revive the facial contour. But this procedure can be used not only for the face, but also for the whole body.


During the procedure, a certain amount of energy is reported to the client's subcutaneous layer, due to which the skin integument looks taut. As a rule, the result is visible on the same day. The wizard will help you calculate how many sessions you will need to achieve optimal results. After the procedure (2-6 months), the skin is gradually becoming more elastic and healthy.


Advantages of thermal lifting


Probably the main advantage of this procedure is that it does not require surgical intervention, there is no need for injections. Thermal lifting allows you to overcome the loss of elasticity of the skin after childbirth, if you have significantly lost weight, and because of age-related changes in the skin. The procedure is absolutely painless.


Disadvantages of thermolifting


The described procedure has no undesirable effects. One drawback - high cost.


How long does the thermal lifting effect last?


For two years, your skin will look young, the facial contour will become toned, and this also applies to other parts of the body.


Prices for thermal lifting


Here, a lot depends on which part of the face you will be tightening, and what device will be applied.We should not forget that there are cheap beauty salons, and there are extremely expensive. The cost of thermage ranges from 2-75 thousand rubles.


Chemical peel



What is chemical peeling?



Chemical peeling - procedures in the complex, aimed at exfoliating and renewing the skin. It can be produced not only on the face and neck, but also on other parts of the body. Sometimes it can be used in the "war" with cellulite. An element for chemical peeling is chosen by the doctor, based on the varieties of skin and the patient's condition.


Benefits of chemical peeling


When compared with the rest of the procedures, chemical peeling is a very cheap pleasure.


It helps get rid of wrinkles, acne, blemishes, scars;


Makes the skin soft and supple.


The disadvantages of chemical peeling



Inflammation of the skin, peeling, irritability. Sometimes - not "ordered" loss of skin pigmentation.


How long does the effect of chemical peeling last?


It will all depend on the extent to which you listen to the recommendations of the doctor, and what kind of lifestyle you lead. The result can be seen for an extremely long time, or it can fade in a couple of days.


Chemical Peel Prices


May depend on such facts: beauty salon, types of chemical peels and the area that will be affected. Approximate prices start at 2.5 thousand rubles.




What is a bio-laying?



Biokladka - a method of straightening, curling and giving volume to the hair. The base is made of devices functioning with the use of ions. It originated in the Japanese countryside in 1975. As a result, your hair is made softer, silky, and well-groomed.


Benefits of Bio-Laying


gfor all types of hair;


does not detect a negative impact on the structure of the hair;


serves as a real salvation for people who have unruly hair;


for the better, it is different from chemical winding, because chemical substances are not used.


Disadvantages of biofilter:


Great value.


How long does a bio-layup effect last?


Hair, straightened by this method, forever remain straight. However, the newly growing part will be exactly the same as the hair before the biofilter, for this reason, it is necessary to “renew” the effect 2 times a year.


Curls also remain for quite a long period of time.


Bio-Layer Prices


For this procedure, you must pay 3-12 thousand rubles.


Lamination of hair


What is hair lamination?



Lamination of hair is a way of caring for the hair on the outside and inside. During this procedure, a special composition is applied to the hair, which creates a protection film, and so protects the hair from the negative influence of the environment. Most of the salons present this procedure as a "luxury" class.


Advantages of lamination


very useful procedure for hair, suitable for all types of hair,


not bad protects the shade of already painted hair,


hair looks healthy and well-groomed, made silky.


Only natural formulas are used for lamination.


Disadvantages of lamination:




How long does the lamination effect last?



As a rule, the effect of the procedure lasts from 3 to 6 weeks.


Hair lamination prices


They are directly dependent on the beauty salon itself, as well as the length of hair. Price range - 1.9-7.0 rubles.


Hair elimination


What is hair elimination?



Hair elimination - the procedure is based on the Elumen color system.This system was invented in Japan and allows you to achieve a sustainable result without disrupting the structure of the hair. In addition, hair shines with health, becomes more dense and revived. The elimination of hair allows you to “catch” two birds with one stone: dye your hair and heal it.


Benefits of Hair Elimination


Dyed hair literally radiate health, fully restored, a diverse selection of colors.


Disadvantages of hair elimination




How long does the effect of hair elimination last?

Everything will depend on the quality of hair care after elimination and the swiftness of their growth.


Hair elimination prices


Approximately around 9 thousand rubles.


We talked exclusively about certain services that can make women's life easier.

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