Beehive from a plastic bottle with your own hands - photo, how to make

Beehive from a plastic bottle with your own hands

Beehive from a plastic bottle with your own hands

Ecological art in the modern world has become very popular. Millions of people have already thought about what the planet Earth will be in the near future, if it is negligent to treat natural resources and mindlessly litter the territory with waste products that are not biodegradable.


All fans of "eco-art" are trying to contribute to the preservation of the environment. They do not send waste to landfill, but use it in their work, creating a variety of crafts, interior items, unique and useful things for the garden and the garden. It is environmental art that is of no less importance for nature than, for example, recycling plants for recycling.


Each of us can contribute to this good cause. That's why today we will make such a product from plastic bottles, like a beehive. Original handmade bees will become its elegant decoration.


How to make a hive from a plastic bottle: a master class with a photo


So, in order to make a hive for the dacha, we need to prepare the following materials:

  • 5 liter plastic bottle;
  • Emulsion paint;
  • Willow vine;
  • Scissors and screw.


Cooked "pot-bellied" 5-liter bottle should be covered on top of the frame, for example, from a round hanger. Then it must be painted with water-based paint. After it dries, a border is drawn in the middle.


Now work to strengthen the frame. This must be done with the help of a willow vine (2 rows will be enough). That is what will strengthen the roof of our hive. In the case when the roof is made of a dense line thread, it is better if it (the thread) is of natural origin. Master beekeepers braid it with a pigtail, and only then they twist around the frame of the hanger from bottom to top. Best of all, when making a beehive from a large plastic bottle, it is also necessary to coat the roof in order to fix it well with unpainted glue. If a tail is formed from above, fasten it with several turns of twine.


Beehive from a plastic bottle with your own hands


For the originality and uniqueness of the whole composition, you can also make plastic decorative bees for the hive.To do this, you will need capsules from Kinder surprise or rubber gloves. Naturally, we will need:


  • thread of two colors;
  • contour "bronze" and "gold";
  • stencil for wings;
  • marker, crochet hook;
  • scissors, awl, pencil, screwdriver.


Prepared capsules need to be crocheted, with the color of the threads alternating. Clean the ends carefully. Cut the wings out of a plastic bottle using a stencil. Do not forget to draw the veins with the contour, this will give more realism.


The next stage of making beehives for a hive is by making a hole with an awl in the workpieces and fixing the wings with bolts, which can be placed both upwards and downwards.


Behind us we do a small tail sting. The spout will help make the bead, and the eyes - the buttons. If the contour is perfectly traced on the wings, then they very beautifully glisten in the sun. An awl also needs to make a hole in the bee's abdomen and insert an unnecessary knitting needle there. That's all, now fasten the bees to your hive.

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