Best Friend's Bracelets

Summer has come, and therefore it is necessary to look bright and spectacular! You do not need to radically change your appearance: dye your hair red or wear things with nalapisty patterns, both at the bottom and top. To do this, you just need to buy some cute, old and attractive bracelet, or, at best, make it your own! It's so easy! Having made one bracelet, you also go right in to make it for your friends! For the bracelet “Best Friend / Best Friend” we will need the following materials and tools: - scissors; - three blue threads waxed (two - 50 cm, one - 70 cm); - two wooden beads with the inscription "Best Friend"; - glue; - lighter or matches; - pin.
For bracelet
And so, for the beginning we take a 50 cm thread one and another one at 70. The smaller thread is central and we tie one end eating on a knot.
 we tie on a knot
From the bottom of the knot we attach a pin and attach it all to a notebook or me, for example,I cling to the desktop.
 attach the pin
Now divide the thread 70 and cm in half and tie it down to 5-6 cm.
 in half and tied with
We pass the right thread from above the central one and under the bottom left, and the left one under the central thread and draw it through the formed loop on the right. Tightening.
The right thread is skipped
 formed loop on the right
>img src="" alt="Tighten" title="Tighten">
When we reach the middle of the bracelet then we dress our wooden bead “Best Friend”, if you don’t have one, you can make it yourself. To do this, we need a flat bead monophonic and write on it that inscription in the language you want, even in Japanese, and then cover with gel-lacquer or plain colorless. We braid the bead in the same way as we braided the bracelet itself to of this.
 we dress our wooden bead
we dress our wooden bead
And now we have left to weave half of the bracelet. When you doble the bracelet, you just make a knot and fix it with glue.
You can simply tie a bracelet or braid (rows 4-5) of the ending.
Congratulations! Your bracelet is ready! Do not forget to make another bracelet for your friend;).
 Best Friend Bracelets

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