Birkenstocks - unusual and fashionable

Sometimes it is very difficult to choose shoes, because it must be comfortable, beautiful, stylish and fashionable at the same time. And you should not forget about the combination with clothes. But is it worth acquiring the popular batkenshtoks? And what is best to wear them with?

What it is?

Looks like men

Birkenstocks are comfortable slippers or sandals with a thick sole. Initially, such footwear was orthopedic and was used to prevent flat feet and joint diseases. But the comfortable anatomical shape and comfort have attracted the attention of many. Today, birkenstocks can be seen on celebrity legs, in popular fashion stores and at fashion houses.

A bit of history

The story of the Birkenstocks is rooted in the small German town of Langerberg. It was there that the shoemaker Johan Adam Birkenshtok, unknown at the time, lived. The first mentions of it are dated by the distant 1774 year.

Then nothing was known about the dynasty, but in 1896 the descendant of Adam Conrad already owned two shoe shops located in Frankfurt am Main.And in 1902, Konrad Birkenstock had the idea to make comfortable insoles that would completely repeat the shape of the foot and support the foot while walking. And this idea was brought to life, and comfortable shoes were readily bought.


After about 10 years, the idea of ​​Adam was supported by his eldest son Karl. Together, the two masters began to produce orthopedic shoes for the soldiers who participated in the First World War. Later the workshop replaced the whole plant, and in 1925 the younger son Conrad joined the masters. The plant began to work actively, shoes were supplied to Austria, Norway, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and some other countries.

It looks original

Since 1932, the family began to conduct classes for doctors, which highlighted the features of orthopedic shoes. In the 60s, a unique mechanical apparatus was developed, which makes the pads individually. And even later the material for the insoles was invented, which, by the way, is used today. A distinctive feature (in addition to the sole) were thick straps.

Birkenstocks became more and more popular, and today they have become not only comfortable, but also fashionable footwear.This is the real trend of the last seasons!

How to choose?

What to look for when choosing a Birkenstock? Here are some important points:

  • Quality. Ideally, all parts should be sewn. Pay attention to the quality of the seams: they should be even, threads should not stick out or get tangled in some places. But it is possible to buy also glued birkenstocks, since the adhesive compositions used in the modern shoe industry are no less durable and reliable than the threads. In this case, inspect the shoes and make sure there are no spots of glue (it, generally, should not be visible).
  • Material. The best option is genuine leather or suede. But a quality leatherette is also suitable. And some prefer textile models, they are great for summer walks.
  • Flip flops or sandals? Slippers do not have backs, so they are easy to put on and take off. But such shoes at the most unexpected moment can be lost (for example, if you run or quickly climb stairs). Sandals are much safer and more convenient, because the strap fixing the leg behind will not allow the birches to “fly off” from the leg.
  • Colors can be very diverse.The most versatile and practical - black. But in summer this color is heated under the scorching rays of the sun, which is not very pleasant. In the heat it is best to wear light-colored shoes, for example, white. White also combines with almost all tones, refreshes the image and does not heat up. But if you want brightness, then bravely choose bright and fresh tones: pink, mint, bright yellow, turquoise, red, lilac and others. And pastel shades, such as peach and beige, will make the image romantic and tender.
  • Decor. If simple birkenshtoki without unnecessary details you seem to be boring and gloomy, then choose interesting models. Jewelry will make this shoe bright and feminine. For example, multi-colored textured straps can act as decorative elements. Beads, rhinestones, stones, bows and other romantic details will look unusual and interesting. If you can't find anything like this in stores, show imagination and decorate sandals or slippers with your own hands. Such shoes will definitely be unique and exclusive.
  • Thongs. Remember that the thin multiple straps can bump into the foot and cause discomfort when worn.So it is better to give preference to comfortable models with thick and soft straps that do not squeeze the leg.
  • Sole. Its height may be different. So, too thin sole looks more feminine, but it may not be very comfortable. Thick outsole will be an excellent solution for girls of short stature, but in some cases it looks rude and ridiculous (especially on a small narrow stalk).
  • Even the most fashionable brands should suit you. So, if you have a narrow and small leg, do not choose models with a massive sole and a lot of straps. Also combine shoes with clothes in style.

What to combine?


With what to wear kirkenstok? Many may think that such shoes do not fit almost with anything, but it's not. A lot of options:

  1. Jeans. This is a universal thing, so feel free to wear it with birken stocks. You can choose any model: boyfriends, skinny, straight jeans, torn and so on. Experiment and improvise!
  2. Summer pants. It can be as shortened narrowed trousers, and straight or trousers, bananas. Such bold color tandems as yellow and blue, red and black and others will revive and refresh the image.
  3. Birkenstocks are the perfect shoes for the beach, so feel free to combine them with a swimsuit, pareo and other beachwear.
  4. Skirts also look great with Birkenstocks. This may be a short knit or denim skirt or long skirt to the floor.
  5. Dresses Yes, this seemingly feminine thing also fits into the image. By the way, in this case, massive shoes will emphasize femininity and lightness of the image. Models of dresses can be the most diverse: light summer dresses of any length (look more profitable options mini and midi), dresses, shirts, dresses, T-shirts and so on. But a cocktail or evening dress with a birken stock will look ridiculous and ridiculous.
  6. Sundresses are also relevant in the summer and emphasize your femininity.
  7. Summer lightweight leggings can be worn.
  8. Slender legs accentuate the short shorts in combination with the birk stocks.
  9. Try to wear a summer light jeans suit with such shoes.
  10. Fashionable youth tops, shirts, T-shirts and T-shirts will perfectly fit into the image.
  11. In cool weather, you can wear a cardigan or a blazer.
  12. Accessories pick bright and youth: voluminous bright bags made of leather or textiles, wide plastic or wooden bracelets, large beads, bright belts of any thickness and so on.

Get birkenshtoki and enjoy the comfort every day!

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Pretty stylish combination


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