Bodypositive: Pros and Cons

One very complete, but cheerful girl published in a social network post with two photos: before and after retouching in Photoshop. On the first photo there were visible dimples on the skin, folds on the sides, tummy. In the second picture, a waist appeared, the skin leveled as if there was quite a bit of fat under it, but there is a fair amount of muscle mass. The girl admitted that she likes both photos. On one, she said, reality, on the other - fantasy. Both are supposedly good in their own way. “Hypocrisy,” was my first thought. "She likes to imagine herself thinner than she really is, otherwise she would not say that she likes the photo of the photo."

But then I realized that I was looking at this situation through the prism of my own fears and doubts. It simply did not occur to me that this girl exists in a different coordinate system, where her body is not an object for praise, discussion or condemnation, but an absolute value for herself. Someone does not like? You can always turn away and not look.

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See beauty everywhere

The specificity of doctors' work is that they see real bodies without embellishment every day: people can be painfully thin or very large, trained or weak, hairless or "fluffy". Alas, the disease does not paint a person. But how many people in the world are completely healthy, without a single malady?

Doctors used to see different bodies. And because they are not shocked by non-glossy reality. 99% of women have lovely dimples on the pope. Many men do not have visible cubes of the press. The eye gets used to seeing different bodies. Get used to the diversity and the brain. More bodybuilding than doctors, perhaps, only artists

They already know how radically the concepts of beauty have changed over the centuries. Wide outlook, the ability to at least a little understanding of art, the lack of inclination to extreme positions in any issues - all this helps to avoid stereotypes and see beauty in any body.

The more real bodies we see, the more healthy our ideas about the norm. Therefore, the body's biopsy is necessary in order not to forget in a glossy cloud that it can have wrinkles, stretch marks, hairs on the body - and this is all an ordinary story,unrelated to ugliness.

Any body has its own characteristics. And value judgments are tactless, even if they are expressed in the form of a compliment. But does this mean that your own body should be ignored?

Body and soul: what is more beautiful?

One of my Facebook friends wrote that it would be great if the body ceased to be the subject of controversy and disagreement, an object, a method of self-assertion, a battlefield, and would become just a set of external signs, part of a personality.

This idea is probably very tempting ... And absolutely utopian.

It would be boring if not to say scary to live in a “typical body” and see exactly the same bodies around.

In the series “The World of the Wild West” there are faceless characters - ideal and absolutely identical androids. To look at them without a shudder is difficult. No matter how much we would like to think that the body is not such an important thing in comparison with the spiritual qualities, it is the carrier of the “clothes that we meet”, a sort of business card, the first message read by the likeable person

Maya Plisetskaya told not the most body-positive story about the beginning of the novel with composer Rodion Shchedrin.The great ballerina is sure that her destiny was decided by leotards, a fittingly muscled, flexible body. At the rehearsal attended Shchedrin. “The old man Freud won,” Maya Mikhailovna ironically recalled. The victory was unconditional: the composer and dancer lived a long and happy life together. Did it matter in which leotard Plisetskaya danced in subsequent years of living together with her husband? Probably not, because Shchedrin was fascinated by the charm, talent and fortitude of the great dancer. But still it turns out, without the chiseled ballet body of this beautiful story could not happen ...

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Sometimes I think: what if it were not for the studio photo, in which I showed a good stretch and the best angle of an imperfect figure, having bent in the yoga pose of a pigeon? The future husband says that after seeing that frame, he was determined to win the heart of the yogini. An empathic, devoted and kind partner, the father involved, and indeed a person far from the objectification of women, with whom I am connected much more than the love of yoga, it turns out, gave in to the first impression and decided to write to the girl whose photo he liked very much.

It is foolish to deny that a beautiful body does not increase the chances of success in your personal life. Some people like skinny, some - plump, but there are universal features that seem nice to most men. This is a harmonious physique, flexible and dexterous body. So, no matter how supporters of body repository would argue that appearance does not matter in a happy personal life, in their statement there is an insincerity to themselves.

Yes, you can be harmonious and happy in any body. Being veiled does not determine whether a marriage will be strong, - completely different qualities turn out to be decisive in long-term relations. But the beginning of a romantic story is often very prosaic. When people are strangers, they evaluate each other's appearance and in a split second make a decision whether to go any further for rapprochement.

This does not mean that painful fixation on the exterior, endless sweating in the hated gym and sad chewing of lettuce leaves alternating with chicken breast is the best thing you can do for personal happiness. But careful and respectful attitude to oneself and taking care of one's health will certainly affect the appearance in the best way.Unlike complete indifference to himself and his appearance.

Respect for yourself ... or?

“I respect myself, I listen to my body, and therefore I stopped going to the gym and generally be physically active. My shortness of breath begins when going up to the second floor, I’m hypotonic, I’m not created for sports and I don’t intend to torture myself in order for as many men as possible to find me attractive, ”such people regularly hear from body-suppository supporters.

Every day, women experience great discomfort from the fact that there is a lot of people around who want to teach them how to move and what to eat. This causes nothing but anxiety over one’s own imperfections and a desperate desire to do the opposite. Probably, therefore, some convince themselves that low blood pressure or lack of exercise - the reason to completely abandon physical activity. And they find themselves trapped in ill health solely out of a sense of contradiction.

To show respect for oneself is to shift the focus of attention from losing weight to improving the quality of life. The goal may be to increase stamina, increase muscle strength, work on stretching or getting rid of shortness of breath.

It seems to me that a body positiv has nothing to do with illusions about herself, when a woman makes daily efforts to self-suggestion, imagining herself to be a fairytale beauty until she stumbles upon another tactless remark or boorish joke. I remember the ironic episode of the acclaimed series "Dietland". In the pilot episode of the series, which tells about the personal hell of stout women, one of the heroines of the second plan suddenly goes into hysterics at a meeting of women who want to lose weight: “I am a unicorn! I am a goddess! Come all of you! .. ”- and proudly removed. It seems to me that this scene in one of the most topical TV shows perfectly illustrates the “swing” of women's self-esteem - from “I am a goddess” to “I am a fat little thing”.

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Body-positive is not an attempt to imagine yourself as a beauty, to finish drawing non-existent merits in imagination, but a calm understanding - “I am an ordinary woman”, recognizing my right to be funny and imperfect, and also to decide what is and how to move and look for my lifestyle not focusing on the opinions of strangers.Bodipozitiv gives women the confidence that their body is their business, and no one, even the closest, has the right to make decisions for them.

Bodipositic - this is not a war with others. Attempts to prove something to someone are doomed to failure, if only because people are self-centered and have little interest in their experiences, especially when it comes to social networks, where the main body-positive battles unfold. Telling a complete woman that she needs to lose weight, the well-wishers conduct a dialogue with themselves, trying to deal with their own demons in their heads. Therefore, their endless advice is hardly worthy of seriousness.

Bodypositive is a path to itself, sometimes complex and tortuous. He has nothing to do with the denial of his own physicality, hide-and-seek with psychological defenses like “What do the men understand!” Or “And I don’t need any personal life,” as well as with utopian proposals do not take into account anyone's appearance.

I am sure that at the end of this path there is harmony with oneself, the unity of soul and body, the acceptance of one’s own imperfections, an adequate look at one’s advantages, health as a priority and ... beauty.Because a harmonious and self-sufficient person simply cannot be ugly.

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