Boho style - bring bohemian chic into your life

There are many different styles. Some of them are considered youth and modern, while others imply the use of chic or antique items. For example, the Boho style is feminine and modern chic. And how to dress in this style?

What is this style?

Boho style appeared not so long ago, namely in the 90s of the last century. But the first trends in this direction could be observed back in the 60-70s. But such a style became really popular in the early 2000s. It is believed that the name itself comes from the word “bohmiens”, which in Roma language was called Gypsies and nomads from central Europe.

This is a beautiful style.

Such people were idle, treated money irresponsibly, but at the same time sought to dress brightly and beautifully. Later this word began to be called not only gypsies, but also creative people who also aspired to stand out from the crowd. So bohemian chic appeared.

In fact, he was a kind of answer to glamor, but in this style there is not only glamor, but also elements of retro, classic, gothic and even ethnic trends and hippie-style. Here is such an unusual mix.

Not everyone will decide on such an image

An important role in the development of such a stylistic direction was played by famous people. The founders of the modern boho consider Siennu Miller and Kate Moss. Then Christine Ricci supported this interesting idea, as well as Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Today, at least one thing in the style of boho can be found in the wardrobe of almost every girl.


Modern version

The boho style has several directions:

  • Boho-hippie - original and bright style with an abundance of fringe, embroidery, baggy clothes, bright accessories and knitted things.
  • Boho glamor - feminine and elegant style. It is dominated by flowing fabrics, light, feminine silhouettes and notes of romanticism.
  • Boho-eco Only natural fabrics, romantic images, as well as vintage items.
  • Boho classic This is a real elegant and feminine chic: long dresses and skirts, vests, velvet, jacquard and so on.

Who is suitable?

Who is the boho style for clothes? If you want to be feminine, but at the same time prefer comfort, then such a direction is what you need! All images are very feminine and romantic, but at the same time, convenience is a fundamental point in the selection of clothes.In addition, each set is unique, so that every image is original and has its own flavor.

As for age restrictions, they are not. Boho wardrobe is clothes for everyone. This style can favorably beat age and create a unique aura.


Many believe that boho-style things are not the best option for full and delicious ladies. Yes, some clothes can really add volume, but only some. If you correctly compose kits and combine the elements, you can, on the contrary, hide some of the shortcomings and emphasize the advantages.

The main features of the style

Interesting dress

We will list the main features and features of the boho style:

  • Natural fabrics. About synthetic things you can safely forget, only natural materials can emphasize female beauty and naturalness. Prefer such fabrics as knitwear, linen, cotton, silk, wool, velvet, chiffon and other similar.
  • Comfort and convenience. In this style you can not find narrow, short and tight dresses, because it is inconvenient! But jeans, pants, long skirts, loose dresses, baggy tops and tunics, flying blouses are all present in abundance.And in such things you can enjoy life and feel only comfort.
  • Lightness, femininity, elegance. Clothes seem to be flowing, emphasizing the unique nature of female beauty. But at the same time, beauty is preserved and only multiplied. But the deep neckline and short dresses and skirts in this style are not present.
  • Multi-layered. You can safely violate many rules of fashion. For example, if a dress is longer than the hem of a coat, it is not forbidden, but, on the contrary, is welcomed.
  • Combination of styles. You can safely combine things of completely different styles. But this does not mean that you can thoughtlessly mix directions. Images should be harmonious and complete, remember this. Otherwise, you will look like a gypsy.
  • As for colors, soft pastel or deep noble tones are most often used: emerald, peach, beige, gray, brown, burgundy, coral, red, blue, plum, purple. But in some cases, you can choose something bright: pink, turquoise, yellow. But too bright and catchy shades should not be.
  • Drawings and prints. It is necessary to give preference to abstract, ethnic, geometric and floral prints.
  • Bright accessories. They are the highlight of the image and refresh it.

Pick up things

Well, very unusual

So, what things should certainly be present in the wardrobe?

  1. Maxi Skirts The skirt can be linen, chiffon, knitted or silk. The style must be flowing, free and feminine. The length of the midi is also acceptable and welcome, but still it is the long skirts that give a special charm.
  2. Dresses They can be long or medium length. You can choose a model with a lush or flowing hem. Topical dresses with high waist. In some cases, you can afford and fitting knit dress, but it certainly will need to complement and beat. But about the dresses, cases and bustier will have to forget.
  3. Sundresses. Light, free and long.
  4. Skinny jeans. Yes, such a seemingly modern and youth thing can also be feminine if combined with the right things.
  5. Leggings are also quite appropriate.
  6. Knitted or crocheted cardigans.
  7. Loose knitted jumpers.
  8. Tunics. There are not many of them in boho style! Buy models of different colors, with embroidery, embroidered with stones, with appliques.
  9. T-shirts and tops can also be used, but choose models with geometric or ethnic prints or plain.
  10. Loose blouses and shirts.
  11. Vest.It can be denim, fabric, fur or leather vest.
  12. The ideal option outerwear - coat. It is better to choose a model with a smell and a belt.
  13. Be sure to purchase a hat with a wide brim.
  14. A classic vest would be appropriate.
  15. Choose shoes without heels: sandals “Roman women” or “gladiators”, Cossack boots or cowboy boots. In winter, safely wear boots.
  16. Bags are welcome big, baggy and shapeless, decorated with embroidery or fringe and having a comfortable strap to wear on the shoulder.
  17. Accessories choose bright: pendants with stones, bracelets, large earrings, beads. And if they are made by hand, the image will be even more original.

Create images

Fresh and beautiful

We offer several fashionable ways in the style of boho:

  1. Wear tight gray jeans, red cowboy boots, a white tunic with embroidery and a fox fur vest. Complete the look with a suede brown bag with a fringe, wooden beads and a bracelet.
  2. You can create such a tandem: a white loose shirt, a skirt in the floor with ethnic patterns in pastel colors, a fabric vest, sandals- "Roman women", a bag over the shoulder with embroidery, a large pendant with stones, large earrings.
  3. And one more set: a dress to the floor, embroidered with beads, a cardigan with a smell, Cossack boots, a bag-bag, a bracelet and earrings made of beads.

Create bright images and attract hundreds of views!

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