Bouquet of roses from candy and paper mats

There is no such person who would not like sweets. Almost every holiday gift is complemented by the recipient’s favorite candies. But giving them in ordinary packaging is too trite, and buying in an exclusive one is a little expensive. Today I will tell you how interesting it is to pack sweets while spending a minimum of money and time. We will make a bouquet of chocolates. Prepare the necessary materials for the beginning: - paper fork -floristic tape -cookies -corktails or skewers
-wheels sewing thread  need materials
First take the paper of the color you are going to make flowers from and cut it on squares approximately 7 * 7 cm. One flower consists of seven petals (it is possible more). Do the same with paper green.
 do it with green paper
 make with green paper Cut out the crimson petals from the squares, and from the green workpiece for the sepals From one square of green color you get two sepals.
 Cut out the squares
Now take one petal, skewer or toothpick and twist the sides to give them more plausible look, do the same with the rest, without forgetting to stretch them a bit. .ru / images / 5/514-nakruchivaem-na-zubochistku.jpg "alt =" wind on the toothpick "title =" wind on the toothpick ">
 making petals
make the petals
make petals
When the petals are ready, take the candy (of your choice) and tape it gently with adhesive tape to a straw or wooden stick.
 do petals

Pair the candy with petals in pairs and fix the thread at the bottom of the bud. Close the thread Spiral and wrap the entire leg of the flower floral tape. At the end, put a little glue on the tape so that the end does not come off.
 form a bud
 rose from paper
 rose from paper
If there are no flor tapes, you can cut off a strip from green paper, smear it with glue and paste over the flower foot. These are beautiful roses with a surprise, we succeeded. I think it is a very good alternative to conventional packaging. Such bouquets are made for babies in the form of soothers or cars.
 A Bouquet of Roses from Candy and Krap Paper
 A bouquet of roses from candies and paper craps
 A bouquet of roses made from candies and krap paper
Create, experiment and delight your friends and relatives with beautiful tasty hand-made articles.

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