Bright children card on March 8

  • colored paper
  • wrapping
  • postcard base (white or colored cardboard)
  • cloth cut
  • double sided tape
  • buttons
  • knitting thread green
  • ribbon
  • scissors

A wonderful gift for the women's day - a postcard on March 8 with your own hands. Have you already decided what to do for a gift? Your attention is given a master class on how to make a card on a textile basis with flowers. For many, the process of making a handmade card is laborious enough. If you like to experiment and amaze, this article will interest you, and our step-by-step photos and videos will make the process more visual.

Postcard on March 8 do it yourself - step by step instructions

  1. We fold a sheet of colored or white cardboard in half, we get a blank under the card. The decor can be placed vertically or horizontally. We will make a postcard with a vertical pattern.
  2. You can place the flowers just on the colored cardboard, but to create an interesting structure we will cover the paper with a layer of fabric. The most convenient way to secure it with double sided tape.We glue the strip on the inside of the postcard, fasten the fabric.

    We smooth it over the blank so that it does not go, we additionally fix it with small pieces of scotch on the back side.

    We stretch the fabric, fasten the other side in the same way. It is worth paying attention to the fact that you need to stretch the fabric when the future card is closed, otherwise the fabric can then deform the cardboard. Instead of cloth, you can use wrapping paper. But then the additional mounts should be more.
  3. The next stage - we fix the fabric from the long sides. It is better to do it in large stages, tape - sticking on the fabric. Then we repeat the same process from the other side. The card blank for March 8 is ready.

  4. To trim the fabric did not spoil the inside of the postcard, we close them with paper tape. We glue bumpers using PVA or scotch tape.


  1. On colored, wrapping paper or cardboard we draw flowers and cut them. To simplify the task, you can make a cardboard template and trace it.

  2. Flowers can be made both single, and in several layers. On our card to create a volume for each flower, we cut out three balls of petals, instead of the middle one, we use a button.
    To the note: the buttons on 4 holes look the most interesting.Especially if you sew the middle of the colored threads crosswise. It is better to take stitches for embroidery or sew a button 3-4 times, so that the stitches can be seen.
  3. Then - gradually we collect the flower with the help of glue or the same two-sided scotch.

  4. Collected flowers are placed on the blank, then - pasted.

Making a butterfly

  1. Fold in half the wrapping paper, draw half the butterfly.

  2. Cut, unfold, fold in accordion, as in the manufacture of a paper fan.

  3. We tie the middle with a ribbon, straighten the wings - the butterfly is ready.

Small stalks

  1. For this purpose, we use thick threads for knitting in green, preferably not to blend into the background.
    To the note: it is better to take the thread a little longer, so that it does not fasten in a straight line, but slightly in waves. This creates additional volume.
  2. First we dip both ends into glue, it must be very thick, otherwise it will not stick immediately. Next, post on the card. Also fasten the third stalk. Attachment points are hidden under the flowers.


  1. We draw one, cut out, and by template - draw and cut out the rest.

  2. We place on the blank under the card leaves and butterfly.

Postcard on March 8 with your hands ready.A child can cope with such work.

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