Bulk Paper Wonderful Snowflakes

The year of the Black Water Dragon will come very soon. Both adults and children are waiting for miracles. Let's create a festive mood for yourself! We begin to prepare for the most magical and most long-awaited holiday.
I hasten to share with you the idea of ​​making luxurious air snowflakes. Such wonderful Christmas decorations on the eve of the main holiday appear in many houses and offices, schools and shops.
Materials that will be needed to create a New Year's decoration, there are absolutely in every house. So go ahead!
To make a snowflake, take six equally sized paper squares, stationery scissors, a ruler (when you learn, you can easily do without it), a pencil, a stapler, PVA glue.
11. If you want to hang a snowflake, for example, on a chandelier, then you should insert a thread,when you connect two lobes together in the center.
Such a snowflake can really be done in just 10 minutes.

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