Can I get pregnant immediately after menstruation?

Women who choose natural methods of protection from unwanted pregnancy are not always aware of whether they can become pregnant immediately after their periods, as well as during them and before them. The calendar method of protection from pregnancy is to determine the days when the ability to fertilize greatly increased. And on such days women avoid sexual intercourse or resort to other methods of contraception. But for the application of this method requires a regular menstrual cycle, the discipline of women, constant monitoring of their bodies and record keeping. The fact is that an egg capable of fertilization is secreted by the ovary approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle, which lasts for about 26 to 30 days. This is ovulation. Such a mature egg can live in a woman’s body for about two days. And spermatozoa can retain their activity for 5 - 7 days after ingestion of a woman.In total, it turns out 7-9 days, when the probability of getting pregnant greatly increases.

The probability of pregnancy after menstruation

You will agree that if everything was so simple and logical, you would not have come up with barrier methods of contraception, such as condoms or oral contraceptives. Doctors have proved for a long time that you can get pregnant immediately after menstruation! And indeed on any given day, since there are no safe days in a matter such as pregnancy. This is explained by the fact that the body of each woman works individually, and accordingly, ovulation can occur not when we count on it. That is, a mature egg can start moving on any day at all. Control of even the most pedantic and accurate woman can not help to catch this period. The shift in ovulation is strongly influenced by the well-being, health of a woman, her hormonal background, stress, which she could undergo. Did you know that the egg can begin to mature even during menstruation? Yes this is true. Therefore, you can get pregnant not only on the first day after your period, but on any other day. You can get pregnant during menstruation.Note that sex during menstruation is not safe. At this time, the cervix is ​​ajar, and there is a high probability of infection, infection. This may be the cause of the inflammatory process in the vagina and appendages.

The fact that the next day after menstruation can become pregnant, proved not only medicine, but also a great many babies born as a result of the calendar method of protection. It also happens that couples who regularly protect themselves, for example, with the help of condoms, decide to rest and relax a little right after their periods and stop protecting themselves. But how are they mistaken that it is impossible to get pregnant in the first days after menstruation. Of course, the probability of pregnancy is greatly reduced, but there is no guarantee that everything will go as you have planned.

Often women use the calendar method not to avoid pregnancy, but rather to calculate the most favorable days for conception, that is, ovulation itself, when a sperm cell can meet with a mature egg. By the way, there is only one exact method how to calculate the onset of ovulation.This method is ultrasound (US). Conception does not occur on any day that pleases us. In nature, everything is organized, and we are only trying to comprehend its manifestations and explore all its nuances. Interestingly, even the immunity is reduced in a woman so that the fertilized egg is not attacked by the defenders of our body.

And if you are still waiting for the baby, then consider it a gift of fate! Nothing in this world is just being done this way ... And this little miracle will make your life more beautiful!

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