Carving - an interesting procedure for your hair

If your hair is not as desired, then do not blame nature for everything. There are many procedures that can make any hairstyle luxurious. One of them is carving.

What it is?

Carving is a procedure for the hair, which is also called an easy wave. It differs from ordinary perm by the fact that it uses more gentle and soft products that do not damage the hair structure so much. The first carving was offered by the cosmetics company Schwarzkopf, and it still produces the means for carrying out this procedure.

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Who should do carving?

Who can do carving?

  • Carving can be carried out both for short hair, and for long, but still some restrictions are available. The minimum length is 7 centimeters (shorter curls will not be curved), and the maximum length is 20-30. Of course, you can try to curl and longer hair, but under their own weight, they can straighten out very soon, which will make the procedure ineffective and useless.
  • Carving is suitable for owners of too greasy hair, as it will help to dry the curls a little.
  • The procedure will improve the appearance of too thin, unruly and thickly hair.
  • Carving is also suitable for the fair sex who have long dreamed of feminine curls and curly hair, but do not decide on a permanent chemical perm.
  • It is necessary to go through the procedure and those who just want to change the image and change the hairstyle.

Can everyone do carving?

Carving has some contraindications:

  • Recently dyed or bleached hair. Even a light perm will damage the curls, and if they have recently gone through the coloring, they can weaken and deteriorate. And yet, if you want to change the color and become the owner of curls, use a sparing paint and do carving no earlier than one or two weeks after the dyeing procedure.
  • Hard hair. First, they may simply not succumb. Secondly, such curls can become even more rigid and similar to straw.
  • Too dry hair. Carving will dry them even more.
  • Lifeless, weakened, damaged hair.The procedure will exacerbate the situation and ruin the curls permanently.

What happens?

Thick curls

There are various types of carving. So, depending on the size of the curlers used and future curls, there are:

  • Small carving is carried out using small-sized curlers. The result is cute little curls. This option is suitable for a fairly long, thin, but not very soft and fluffy hair.
  • A large carving will help you get soft, feminine and slightly curly curls. Large curlers are used. This option will allow you to make more voluminous and beautiful long and straight, but rather stiff hair (on soft, a large perm may not be visible).
  • Medium carving is done with the help of medium-sized curlers. Curls are quite voluminous and pronounced, but not too small. This procedure is suitable for almost everyone.
  • Textured or combined carving involves the use of curlers of different sizes. The procedure will help to create an interesting hairstyle.

Depending on the shape and location of the locks, the following types are distinguished:

  • Traditional carving involves the use of conventional classic curlers.As a result, the waves are soft, and the curls are feminine.
  • Vertical carving. When carrying out such a procedure, vertical curlers are used, for example, spiral-shaped or soft. Curls are uniform, strongly curly and pronounced. According to customers, this perm lasts longer.
  • If you want to get the volume or add waviness only in a certain part (for example, at the roots or at the tips), then choose a local carving. Hair is wound not completely, but only in the right places.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of the procedure:

  • Your hair will become more voluminous and attractive.
  • If the hair was too greasy or soft, after carving it will become more rigid and dry.
  • Carving allows you to often change hair, as the procedure can be carried out every 3-4 months.

Now the disadvantages:

  • Carving, though slightly, but still damages the structure of the hair. And in order not to spoil the curls, you should not do this procedure too often.
  • Do not think that the procedure will free you from the need for styling. And in some cases, styling can become even more difficult, since the hair after carving becomes dry and stiff.
  • The effect will not last long. Curling keeps on average from 4 to 8 weeks.
  • The high cost of the procedure.

Issue price

The cost of salon carving procedure varies from 1 to 3-4 thousand rubles, depending on the length of the hair and some of their features.

How to make carving at home?


Carving, if desired, can be done at home. Here's what you need for this:

  • Curlers: bobbins, boomerangs, soft curlers, loxes, spiral-shaped or ordinary. Forms and sizes depend on your wishes and expectations.
  • Special remedy. Choose products of proven brands, buy them in specialized stores!
  • Comb (only non-metallic).
  • Bowls.
  • Gum.
  • Gloves.
  • Polyethylene cap.
  • Towel.

The main stages of the procedure:

  1. First, carefully read the instructions attached to the tool.
  2. Wash your head, but do not massage the skin, it should remain greasy (the fat will protect it from the negative effects of the product).
  3. Comb your hair.
  4. Scroll the curls on the curlers (it is better to ask someone for help, so that the curls are beautiful and even).
  5. Put on the locks of the fixing composition, put on a cap (you can also wrap the head with a towel) and stand for a certain time (it is indicated in the instructions).
  6. Wash off the compound, but do not remove the curlers.Apply a fixative, wait again (the waiting time is indicated in the instructions).
  7. Remove the curlers, re-apply the fixative, and then wash your hair, but do not use shampoo.

Features care after carving hair

How to care after carving for hair? A few important points:

  • In the first three days after the procedure, do not wash or wet the curls.
  • It is better to choose products (shampoos, balms, masks) for curly or curly hair.
  • You can use skins, mousses or varnishes for styling and fixing. And to get the effect of wet hair, select the gel.
  • Once a week use a moisturizing and nourishing mask.
  • Try to use less hair dryer, it dries hair.
  • If you want to straighten your hair, gently pull it out with a brush and a hair dryer. Ironing is better not to use. To create more pronounced curls, use curlers.
  • Do not use aggressive chemicals.
  • Protect your hair from the negative effects of environmental factors, wear hats.

Take care of your curls, so that they remain beautiful and healthy!

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