Cast Iron Floor Gas Boilers

Reliable, powerful, easy-to-use and affordable cast-iron floor gas boilers are ideal for high-quality heating of houses with a large area. No wonder they are the most in demand in areas with a sharp-continental climate. If you chose a heating boiler made of cast iron, then first of all you should decide on what type it is needed - circulation or gravity.

The latter is advisable to use in the case when the power supply of the area is unstable - after all, all circulating pumps that “pump” the coolant are powered by electricity. Gravity boilers can be installed in a separate room, or directly in the house. Remember that the pipes of the heating system must be 80-100 mm in diameter - only under this condition the heat carrier heated to one hundred degrees will circulate. For this reason, gravitational gas boilers are used exclusively in single-story houses.To warm up the second floor, such a boiler will constantly "plow" at the limit of its capabilities.

For multi-storey buildings there is also an optimal "heating" option - cast-iron gas boilers of circulating type. Modern models of household circulation pumps are able to "lift" the coolant to a height of up to eight meters. With a stable supply of gas and electricity, the entire system works "like a clock." Circulation pumps for heating are easy to operate, inexpensive, have several speeds and consume a small amount of electricity. For the "safety net" you can buy a simple low-power gasoline generator - in case of interruptions in electricity.

Any gas boilers made of cast iron have a "fantastic" lifespan of at least forty years. Gray cast iron, from which products are melted, has a very high resistance to corrosive deterioration. The same can be said about the cast-iron heat exchangers, which have excellent heat transfer parameters.

Installing a cast iron gas boiler and solves the problem with hot water.Both circulation and gravity boilers can be equipped with their own water heating system - an additional heat exchanger is installed in the combustion chamber of such models. And you will not need to specifically purchase expensive and “ruinous” instantaneous electric water heaters.

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