Causes and treatment of focal alopecia

Beautiful, healthy hair is the pride of not only women, but also men. But the situation may be overshadowed by the problem of the name “focal alopecia” in medicine. In simple words - this is partial, alopecia baldness. It can appear at any age, but most often occurs in the age range of 15-30 years. Is it possible to prevent hair loss, which leads to serious cosmetic defects, we will tell further.

When a smart head of hair is only a dream

Alopecia is not a threat to health, rather, it is more morally depressing, because you want to look beautiful and attractive to everyone. And here are the emerging bald patches.

What is the reason for the development of such a problem? No one specialist will give the exact answer to this question. Today, there are three mechanisms for the development of this process, each of which has both supporters and opponents:

  1. Strong stress. It's not a secret for anyone that the shock experienced can significantly worsen the work of the whole organism.In more than 80% of patients who turned to specialists with focal alopecia, they experienced a difficult life situation the day before. Stress in this case may have a vicious circle, since hair loss after experiencing again causes a depressive state.
  2. Failure of the immune system. This is the most common reason. The provoking factors in this case may be transferred infectious diseases, injuries and even SARS.
  3. Problems with the vegetative system. In order for the hair follicles to form correctly, and the hair to be strong enough and elastic, it is necessary that the blood circulation in the head tissues is within the normal range. When microcirculation is disturbed, spasms arise, which also hinder this process.
  4. Genetic predisposition. Surprisingly, in almost 20% of cases, alopecia is family-like. In this case, patients may partially lack hair follicles.

Separately, it should be said about the innate form of the problem. The causes of its occurrence are likely to lie in the violation of the synthesis of amino acids, which leads to the absence of keratin.Sometimes young children have focal hair loss or a sudden cessation of their growth, uneven length and excessive brittleness. To overcome this problem is quite difficult, and sometimes impossible.

How to be?

The clinical course of the disease can move from one form to another, and, for example, from the scalp to the beard area in men, and eyebrows / eyelashes in women.

Without a therapeutic course here is indispensable. What methods do modern specialists use?

  1. Psychological help. In this case, it is necessary to consult a psychologist or psychiatrist, and, possibly, even medical courses. Nervous overexcitation, attacks of neurosis, posttraumatic syndrome require treatment. Quite well in this case proved to be massages, acupuncture, yoga, breathing exercises.
  2. Physiotherapy. One of its forms is phototherapy. It involves exposure to UV rays on the affected areas. In many cases, this method was quite effective, although it can not be appointed as an extended treatment because of the risk of oncology.

Patients also note the effectiveness of the effects of microcurrents, cryomassage, paraffin baths, ozone therapy.

  1. Drug treatment. Appointment occurs depending on the identified associated problems. Most often, drugs that improve blood circulation, tissue nutrition, vitamin complexes and immunostimulants are needed. In particularly difficult cases, the use of corticosteroids is recommended.
  2. Means for external use. This is a parallel process with taking medications. To do this, use ointments, gels, tinctures, creams. One of their main active ingredients is heparin, which prevents the formation of small blood clots and blood stagnation. Improve the circulation also bodyaga, tincture of red pepper, garlic juice and onions. In the case when the result of treatment is manifested too slowly, ointments with hormones can be used.

And what to do if none of these methods helps, and focal alopecia does not disappear anywhere? In this case, only hair transplantation can help.

As for prevention, it is important to monitor the body as a whole:

  • to consult a doctor in time in case of illnesses and other troubling problems;
  • to eat right and balanced;
  • do not forget about physical activity;
  • learn positive thinking, which will help you relive stressful situations more easily;
  • to devote enough time to quality care not only for the hair, but also for the scalp;
  • Do not overheat and do not overcool the head.

Focal alopecia is a disease that is not accompanied by unpleasant symptoms, but causes a lot of trouble. It is possible and necessary to treat it, most importantly, not to start the problem and in time to contact a dermatologist or trichologist, who will help you choose the appropriate course of therapy.

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