Change your life with books that turn the mind

Change your life with books that turn the mindA person needs constant personal growth. Nowadays, the easiest and most accessible way to expand the boundaries of your consciousness and gain additional knowledge is reading books. Some publications make us re-read them again and again, others attract our interest once or twice. But there are books that turn life around and make us look at many things differently.

Reading, life changing

You may find it ridiculous that printing is able to completely turn a person's life upside down. However, this is so. Books can present new ideas or offer solutions to a difficult situation. They can learn to think outside the box and put into practice skills that previously seemed meaningless. However, you should be careful in choosing the subject of reading.Since books that influence the worldview can be equally useful and harmful. In addition, some texts will be incredibly useful for your friend, at the same time, as you find this work boredom mortal. Reader tastes are highly individual. Therefore, we offer your attention the most classic list of books that overturn consciousness.

Change your life with books that turn the mind

Books that have helped in the lives of thousands of people around the world

First of all, it should be said that at the moment the most popular are books that can lead a person to success. These are all kinds of business ideas and marketing master classes. These books include Rich Dad Poor Dad and Cash Flow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki. In this book, the principle of passive income is described in fairly accessible language. Thus, after reading it, you will be able to imagine yourself in the form of a large tycoon, even if yesterday you were sitting at the school desk. These authors also include Napoleon Hill “Think and Rich” and Timothy Ferris “How to work four hours a week.”

Change your life with books that turn the mind

If you are interested in a less mercantile way, then you should pay attention to books that can be attributed to the esoteric.These are the works of Castaneda, Vadim Zelanda's Transurfing of Reality, and Osho's revelations. Enjoying these books, you will be able to know yourself, your consciousness and find harmony with the outside world.

Change your life with books that turn the mind

From fiction can not fail to distinguish "100 years of loneliness" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This novel tells about the small village of Macondo, which was lost in the Colombian outback. We observe the story of the loneliness of each hero, where real historical events are intertwined with the fictional, and we understand how lonely in this vast world. Also a prominent representative of modern literature is Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club. A brilliant novel about the destruction of the framework of freedom, the search for his own "I." William Golding and his "Lord of the Flies" propose to observe the formation of the social system on the example of the crashed boys. Of course, you can not ignore the classics. A Letter to the Father, Franz Kafka. A work of autobiographical nature, in which we can see the formation of the personality of the writer through the prism of complex relationships with his father.

Thus, whatever question interests you, you can easily find the answer in books, be it marketing, psychology or a fantasy novel.

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