Charlize Theron recovered by 16 kilograms

Charlize Theron was spotted on the set of the new film “Tully” in Vancouver. The actress was walking on the set with a baby carriage and looked simply unrecognizable! No, it's not about the make-up, for the role she gained weight again, and no less than 16 kilograms! Yes, make-up artists and costume designers had nothing to do with it: the actress had the courage to change her appearance radically for the second time (at first, as we remember, she recovered for the role in the drama “Monster”, which brought her the Oscar).

Charlize Theron recovered 16 kilograms

In the new comedy directed by Jason Raitman, who has already worked with Charlize in the film “Poor Rich Girl,” the 41-year-old actress plays a single mother. To somehow help with the upbringing of three children, including a newborn baby, her brother offers to use the services of a nanny named Talley (Mackenzie Davis). Between the two heroines are tied difficult relations.

Hopefully, the game is worth the candle (after all, you can hardly compare social drama with a comedy about motherhood).

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