Cheeky mini and no makeup: Ekaterina Klimova turned 40 years old

We found 5 proofs that the actress does not look at her age.

January 24, beauty Ekaterina Klimova celebrates her birthday. Katya was born in 1978, which means that today she turns 40 years old. Just in case, having rechecked this simple mathematical conclusion using a calculator and realizing that there can be no error, we still refuse to believe the numbers, because there are absolutely irrefutable facts confirming that this beauty simply cannot be more than 25!

� 1. The ideal figure.

Pregnant naked selfie Catherine 2015
�Photo: @klimovagram
Ekaterina Klimova in November 2017
�Photo: @klimovagram

By nature, Catherine is endowed with beautiful proportions and is not too inclined to be overweight, so that, of course, it is easier for her to keep herself in good shape. However, one should not discount the fact that Klimova is a mother with many children - she has four children, and the youngest daughter Bella was born only two years ago.Being pregnant, the 37-year-old actress posted a naked snapshot in the network, which proved that Kate looks at least 10 years younger than her years. Now the star does not indulge fans with nude pictures, but in her Instagram now and then there are photos where gorgeous proportions are clearly visible, which have not lost their youthful outlines - slender legs, beautiful shoulders, slim waist.

� 2. Youthful wardrobe

Cheeky mini - normal clothes for Klimova
�Photo: @klimovagram
The actress loves microshorts and can afford them
�Photo: @klimovagram

Having a beautiful figure, the actress does not miss an opportunity to demonstrate it - for social events she often chooses low-profile dresses, and in everyday life she often prefers mini length. And it is worth noting that she looks in youthful clothes easily and naturally - it does not at all give the impression that the star is young. And the point here is clearly not only that her legs are beautiful ... Probably the secret is that Klimova radiates some kind of absolutely childish positive, thanks to which all her actions are perceived exclusively directly.

� 3. Children's smile

Katya treats everything positive
�Photo: @klimovagram
The children's smile does not leave Klimova�s face.
�Photo: @klimovagram

Catherine is difficult to see sad - she smiles all the time. The actress herself has repeatedly admitted in an interview that she tries to treat everything in life with a positive attitude. I must say that even the failures of love couldn�t deprive the star of this optimistic mood - collapsed marriages and painful romantic relationships. The actress claims to believe in love no matter what. This should really be learned from Klimova, because disappointments and a pessimistic view of life are exactly what, according to psychologists, ages us most.

� 4. Lack of wrinkles

On the face of Catherine, despite the active facial expressions, almost no wrinkles
Photo: @klimovagram

From romance - to the prose of life, which, by the way, even more clearly illustrates the fact that Catherine does not look at all her 40. Wrinkles! Or rather, their absence. Although Klimova clearly has very mobile facial expressions, there are no traces illustrating this fact on the face of the actress. It is quite possible that the star resorts to the help of progressive cosmetology, but the fact remains that in quality Katy's skin looks for a maximum of 25 years.

� 5. Fresh complexion without makeup

Catherine is not afraid to upload photos without makeup
�Photo: @klimovagram
Cosmetics actress uses only for filming
�Photo: @klimovagram

How does a beautiful woman at 20 differ from a beautiful woman at 40? That is - the first is good and without makeup, and the second, no matter how luxurious it looks, is likely to lose all its charm, barely washing off the makeup. After examining Catherine's Instagram, you come to the conclusion that the actress rarely uses makeup at all - only for filming and social outlets, where the move appears to be without makeup. In this natural actress looks very fresh and young.

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