Choosing Mom of the Year in Ufa

Our heroines are happy mothers. They are successfully engaged in children, family, favorite things, work. How do they manage to do everything? Women told how their lives changed with the advent of children and what they learned by raising their daughters and sons. Each character can be supported in voting at the end of the article. The three most popular mothers will present Bashkortostan in the federal nomination “Choosing Mother of the Year”.

The Choice contest is dedicated to the anniversary of the site of Woman’s Day, which this year marks 10 years. The project includesseveral nominations, regional stages are held in all major cities of Russia. In April, we chosethe most stylish ufimok, in June -most successful women in Bashkiriain July supportedenviable bachelors of Ufaand in October voted forwedding of the year in Bashkiria.

Finally, it's time to talk about moms of the year! We especially thank all the readers of Woman's Day, who sent their stories to the post office. We present to your attention 15 mothers who have agreed to share their bright photos and happy discoveries on maternity leave. On November 9, voting starts in the nomination “Mom of the Year in Ufa”.Three mothers with the most votes will represent our city in the federal selection “Choice of Mother of the Year.”

By the way, from December 1 to December 21, 2017 there will be a federal tour of the contest “Choosing” in all five nominations. Three winners of regional tours in each of the nominations will take part in it. Read the “Choice of Woman’s Day” contest rules.HERE.

Svetlana Lobanova

Age:34 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:daughters Liza, 5 years old, Sasha, 2 years.


I became a mother and ...I learned how to fall asleep and wake up with a smile, rejoice at trifles, be tolerant and happy every day. I also learned to sleep while sitting, to disturb the soup with one hand, and to write the text on work with the second. In short, this is the best time management training in my life!

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Lira Galieva

Age:32 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:Olivia, 6 years old, Leon, 4 years old, Ian, 1 year.

Instagram:@oliveleonyanmam, @sweetstreetshop.

I became a mother and ...became a psychologist, but how else with such brilliant, all-knowing and feeling creatures? She became an actor because the first crisis of three years in her first child taught more than a theater studio in childhood.She lost six kilograms and gained a dream figure. I became a marathon runner because running training was the only place where I was alone. I became a cook and a tailor - after all, interesting and healthy dishes, as well as the best costumes, will not make themselves. I opened one of the best online stores with products for confectioners, because I have not found anywhere a form for cookies in the shape of a horse. She became a driver, coordinator and buyer. She learned to play the violin with her little violinist. I learned how to braid braids, I can draw a nose and mustaches on my face with a closed cosmetic pencil and learned the names of all dinosaurs. And, of course, I became happy ... thrice!

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Olya Sukhorukova

Age:27 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:son Fedor, 5 years old, daughter Elizabeth, she is almost 3 years old.


I became a mother and ...become real! Caring and affectionate, very patient, sometimes a little strict, and sometimes even lazy. But the most important thing is that my children made me the happiest.

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Julia Senatorova

Age:34 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:son Egor, 16 years old, daughters Anna, 15 years old, and Alla, 13 years old.


I became a mother and ...proud of it! I am a mother of many children, much has passed and experienced in my life, but I have always been supported and fed - these are my children. In my youth I did not realize that I was a mother of three children. I gave birth to my third child at the age of 21. AT 21! Then she was not morally ready for such responsibility. I thank the father of children, he is a wise man and helped me cope with many internal problems. I left my studies at the university, completely devoted myself to my family. I sometimes wanted to be like a friend. They boiled student life, without the hassle and worries, they came off, having fun. And I can not, I have a responsibility - three children. This responsibility is always with me, every second. Those who do not have children will not understand what parental experiences are. Your heart forever belongs to them. But I understand that the happiness of any woman is motherhood. I, probably, at the age of 26, just started to live and breathe a little freer. And now just kicks from life! The children have grown up, they are my friends, and I, like a sister to them. They support me in everything. I made up for all the lost things: I didn’t study in St. Petersburg for a fitness trainer, I was doing my favorite thing, I just have a crazy rhythm. I got into my wave, and it only takes me forward.An economist, whom she entered to study in her youth, now definitely could not work. 100% I can say, I can say that I am a successful, happy woman and took place in everything.

As a mother, I see the fruits of my upbringing and contribution to the children. They study well, economic, educated, not spoiled, not for years mature personality. Infinitely I can list what my golden children are. I am happy as a woman (I love and loved), thanks to my energy and positive. My favorite thing, a hobby brings me a great income. I manage to do everything: to look good, work at home, family, work. I am not fixated on one thing, constantly developing. If a woman lives in harmony, then she is happy in everything. Yes, I had a divorce 10 years ago, but we are on excellent terms with the father of the children. We spend time together, make friends with families. This is a rarity in our time, but everything is possible if there is no anger, resentment and jealousy in the soul. I can talk a lot about my motherhood. Every holiday is a pleasant hassle, be it September 1, New Year, children's birthdays. And every first of September I feel that my children are growing up. I am a happy mother and I am sure that I will be the richest granny.I will have many grandchildren, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. This is wealth and happiness in life!

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Rushaniya Badretdinova

Age:43 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:Rauf, 23, lives in St. Petersburg, works as a designer; Askar, 22, study at the Moscow Institute of Architecture; Aisha, 11 years old, is engaged in artistic gymnastics; Akhad, 5 years old, in free flight.

Instagram:@rushania_artist, @rush_arts.

I became a mother and ...I became a mother at the age of 20 and, of course, I do not regret that it was so early, although it was difficult to combine study and family. Motherhood gave me the meaning of life and the fulfillment of happiness. Almost all the plots of the paintings (Rushania - the artist, - approx. Woman’s Day) are written about children and about the family. It gave and gives me strength and inspiration, serves as a starting point for my creativity.

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Elvira Smirnova

Age:34 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:son Raen, he will soon be 3 years old.


I became a mother and life really began. It’s impossible to pretend with a child, so you become as true as possible. All the dark sides, fears, insecurity come to light ...Maternity is not only unlimited happiness. It also tears, fatigue, sometimes even depression. Life is changing dramatically! But when you accept all this, you remove all fears, a new world suddenly opens. And you realize that you have never loved like this and you have not been so happy. I sincerely wish every woman to feel it!

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Ksenia Ignatieva-Umyarova

Age:33 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:son Russell-Roy, 2 years old, stepson Amir, 11 years old.


I became a mother and ...I realized how much happier and more self-fulfilling one can be. Becoming a mom, I learn acceptance and harmony. Our son, my motherhood broadens my worldview even more. As a parent, I found my spiritual and moral vocation. I have a project to support and help parents of premature babies.

I became more athletic, healthy and organized. In addition to spiritual development and charity, I began to earn good money doing my favorite thing, which allows me to travel a lot with my family for long periods.Motherhood unequivocally opens up many opportunities and ways of developing oneself as an individual, as a daughter, as a friend, as a wife, as a mother. Becoming a mother, I began to love even more, to love myself, husband, son, parents and the world around. I began to feel more, my feelings were sharpened so that the air around me became even more fragrant, the sun was brighter and hotter. Becoming a mother, I was filled with a sense of gratitude for my such a happy, diverse and interesting life.

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Inna Strizhak

Age:33 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:daughter of Yaroslav, 3 years.


I became a mother and ...Motherhood is something that cannot be learned in absentia. Whatever you plan, no matter how you imagine your motherly life, the child will be born and put everything in its place. And you are born with it again, you grow and learn with it. In the first year of motherhood, you are generously poured zen. A very important acquisition, which is useful in all spheres of life. If your child is more than three years old, and you haven’t grasped Zen, you probably stood in a different line. With the birth of a child, I realized one main thing that radically changed my life.We are born for pleasure, happiness and joy. And all the negative factors that interfere with the pleasure, you must exclude. Live in harmony with yourself, always listen to yourself and your heart. To love your child with all your heart and remember that it is for you - a part of life, you are for it - the whole life.

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Natasha Suvorova

Age:33 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:son George, 3 years 11 months, daughter Barbara, 9 months.


I became a mother and ...before the birth of children life was certainly much easier. With the birth of children, in addition to business, a lot of things appeared, and that very “Groundhog Day”. But only with the advent of children do you feel life, happiness, pain, joy, sadness in full ... Life becomes happier 100.5 million times! And, of course, more fun. The birth and growing up of a person is a very interesting process.

My husband and I every time, as children, we are surprised at new skills, phrases, thoughts of our children. It is unbelievable when something is born in their head. We are very interested in what personalities they will grow up, what they will create in life, what kind of people will surround them. You feel like a naturalist Drozdov, exploring the world around.

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Irina Sukhareva

Age:32 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:Kirill, 8 years old; Ilona, ​​5 years old; Teresa, 1 year.


I became a mother and ...I became a mother in 2008, and my life turned upside down. Since then, I get high from everything that happens in our lives. Each leap year is special (it turns out that a leap year is very fruitful for us and my husband.) 2008, 2012, 2016. Kirill, Ilona, ​​Teresa. Since 2008, time management and self-management have been an integral part of my life. And with the birth of Teresa, I generally became restless, already from the patrimonial chamber I was engaged in negotiations with employers of my favorite students. Children teach me a lot: relationships, crises, “the cat itself is to blame,” movement and a positive attitude towards all situations in my life.

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Christina Nedorezova

Age:30 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:daughter Maroussia, 2 years 3 months.


I became a mother and ...motherhood gave me more confidence in myself and tomorrow. Becoming a mother, I naturally became more responsible, such feelings as compassion, love for neighbors woke up in me, I stopped hurrying and began to repeat my daughter, enjoy every moment and enjoy simple things.Children teach us simple, but very important things. They make them open and bloom, and most importantly, they teach impeccable love in the name of life.

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Guzel Garipova

Age:28 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:Samira, 1 year and 8 months.

I became a mother and ...I learned what real motherly love is. It does not compare with anything! I began to appreciate the family more, it makes more sense to invest in this word. I realized that for me the main thing in life is my family, and there is nothing more important in the world. Being a mom means completely changing your life once and for all. She will no longer be as free and serene as before (believe, with the advent of the child, the life “before” will seem very serene, although you didn’t think so at all).

Becoming a mother is a great gift from God (the Universe). Not every woman can experience all the delights of motherhood. Therefore, you need to appreciate this special gift - your child and be sure to thank for it.

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Julia Akhmetzyanova

Age:30 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:son Arthur, 4 years old, and daughter Emilia, 1 year old.


I became a mother and ...found the meaning of life! Found an inexhaustible source of joy and inspiration! Each child discovered something new in me: with the first one I became interested in yoga and proper nutrition, became more economic, more feminine, started to cook a lot and in different ways, learned to bake amazing cakes and travel more. With the second I made a sharp breakthrough in self-development, I began to read a lot (mostly about child psychology); I found my favorite job and became a professional children's photographer. And with both children it is possible without a twinge of conscience to fall into childhood!

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Larisa Voronova

Age:21 years old.

What are the names of the children, their age:Ivan, 1.5 months.

Instagram: @voronova112.

I became a mother and ...madly glad of it. After all, this is our long-awaited first baby. In the first minutes of his life, I experienced extraordinary feelings, which I cannot explain. Being a mother is a great happiness.

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Ilzira Karaguzina

Age:28 years.

What are the names of the children, their age:Adel, 5 years, Tagir, 3 years.

Instagram: @ilzi_.

I became a mother and ...and I wanted to cook for my family.Since then, I am a food photographer who does not calmly eat food without taking a picture of it.

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Choosing Mom of the Year in Ufa

The survey was completed on November 20, on Monday, at 14:00 Ufa time. Congratulations to the winners!

Julia Senatorova, Irina Sukhareva, Olya Sukhorukovawill present Bashkortostan in the federal collection “Choice of Mother of the Year in Ufa”. Thank you for the participation of all the heroines, their support groups and readers of the site

Which mom did you like?
  • Svetlana Lobanova
  • Lira Galieva
    14,5%1062 votes
  • Olya Sukhorukova
  • Julia Senatorova
  • Rushaniya Badretdinova
  • Elvira Smirnova
  • Ksenia Ignatieva-Umyarova
    222 votes
  • Inna Strizhak
  • Natasha Suvorova
    142 votes
  • Irina Sukhareva
  • Christina Nedorezova
    41 votes
  • Guzel Garipova
  • Julia Akhmetzyanova
  • Larisa Voronova
    21 votes
  • Ilzira Karaguzina

Here you can support the heroines you like. Voting will end20 November,on Monday,at 14:00Ufa time. The results will be published on November 20, Monday, until 3:00 pm Ufa time. To vote for the heroine you like, simply click on her icon in the poll.In the mobile version, scroll with the arrow on the right to the desired heroine and also click on the avatar. All your voice is accepted!

The three mothers with the most votes will represent Ufa in the federal selection “ Choice: Mom of the Year.”

*Attention! Dear representatives of our heroine support groups! We are for fair and open voting and reserve the right not to enter into the debate on the fact of summarizing the voting results. The editors have the ability to technically track the stranded voices. In the final calculation they will not be counted.

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