Chopped Chicken Cutlets with Curd

Chopped Chicken Cutlets with Curd- a recipe. Adding cottage cheese to mince makes them more tender and juicy. You can fry these cutlets with a salad or side dish, you can make a sandwich for breakfast, or stew in a delicious sauce.


  1. chicken breast - 1 pc (400-450 gr);
  2. cottage cheese (in my case homemade) - 100 gr;
  3. egg - 1 piece;
  4. starch - 1 tsp.;
  5. sour cream - 1 tbsp. l.;
  6. Green onions, dill, ground pepper and salt to taste.

For the sauce:  

  1. onion - 1pc;
  2. carrots - 1pc;
  3. thick sour cream (or cream) - about 100g;
  4. Spices to taste.


Prepare minced meat: cut chicken fillet into small pieces. Add egg, greens, cottage cheese, starch, salt and pepper, mix.

Add sour cream and mix the minced meat well again, mash it with your hands. Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Mince can be cooked in the evening and fry the chops in the morning.

Dampen your hands in water and shape the patties. Fry them in vegetable oil on both sides on low heat until golden brown.

Preparing the sauce: finely chop the onion, grate the carrots. Lightly fry them over low heat in butter on which the patties were fried, add sour cream or cream.

Stir sour cream with vegetables and heat for 1 minute, add a little water, salt and pepper, stew under the lid for 10 minutes, then put the burgers out and stew again under the cover for 20 minutes.

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