Clean hairbrush - a pledge of beauty and health

Women have many accessories that help maintain attractiveness. A comb is a special thing that takes over a part of the energy. If you do not keep it clean, a transformation may occur: accumulated hair and dirt - this is a bad energy that a woman returns to the strands with her own hands. In order not to accumulate a negative, the comb should be regularly cleaned at home.

Preparatory stage


Combs of plastic

Massage brushes and scallops clean hair and dirt at least 2 times a week. Do it right. First, decide on the material of the comb and the form - in each case, its own method of purification.

REMEMBER! Remove accumulated hair is not enough. The item should be washed and disinfected.

Have a capacity for these procedures that cannot be used for other purposes. There should be another comb in stock that you will use while the second one is being cleaned.

Before starting the procedure, remove all hair from the comb. If it's hard to do with your hands, use a toothpick. With its help, you can pick out the dirt from the grooves.

What is dangerous pollution on the comb

The hair is constantly salted (all in different ways), accumulate dirt and dust on themselves. The appearance of static is observed if a woman uses mousses and lacquers for styling. All these "accumulations" fall on the head when combing, further polluting the strands.

Comb can cause dandruff and itching, provoke skin diseases. Loose hair is a dead energy. It can cause not only the weakening of hair follicles, but also provoke headaches and other diseases.

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Wood comb cleaning

Water cannot be used for a wooden comb. From moisture, the material will swell, exfoliate, become unusable.

Effective for a natural material is an alcohol-containing product (vodka, lotion). Liquid moistened cotton disc and wipe each tooth.

The product removes dirt, decomposes fat deposits, and disinfects. Prevents the appearance of fungal spores.Natural material must be pure in order for it to emit a healthy energy.

How to clean a plastic comb

Plastic attracts dirt, sebum, epithelium particles and brittle hair.

  • To clean the comb from this material is easy. Soak for an hour in a soapy solution with the addition of ammonia (30 ml is enough). After washing, wash it under the tap.
  • Traces of dirt or grease can be cleaned with soda. Apply it with an old toothbrush, then wash it in water and dry it.

Metal combs

Woman combing metal comb

Metal combs should be handled with care so as not to damage the protective layer.

You can use two methods.

  1. In warm water, dissolve some washing powder. Put the metal comb into the solution for 30-40 minutes, then rinse with water.
  2. Remove contamination will help "Biolan." It is applied to the toothbrush and rub the problem areas.

When the comb is washed, it needs to be wiped with a towel or flannel napkin. If it dries out naturally, water will remain and a rust will appear.

Combs with natural bristles

Natural pile requires delicate care.To clean an accessory, shampoo is applied to its teeth, and after 10 minutes, it is washed by hand in a container with warm water. It is better to use a toothbrush or a special one - with a long bristle. With its help, the procedure will be simplified.

ATTENTION! After rinsing, it is dried up in a natural way. This will prevent them from deformation.

Massage brushes

Some women in hair care prefer massage brushes. Cleaning them with more pollution is more difficult. Recommended composition: 1 liter of warm water 2 tbsp. l. shampoo, 3 tbsp. l. vinegar (9%). Holding the massage brush in the solution for 15-20 minutes, rinse it with a powerful jet of water, then dry it.

Round brush

It is not easy to manually clean and round brush, so prepare a composition that dissolves fatty deposits and dirt. It will take 1 tbsp. l. ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and a little shampoo. Everything is added to warm water and foamed. In an hour there will be no trace of dirt.

Video recommendations

The best household chemicals for disinfection

Contamination is a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi and germs. Dirty hairbrushes can cause lice to get rid of.Disinfect periodically using ammonia and ammonia.

Chlorine-containing preparations can be used: lysoformin, formaldehyde, etc. Iodine tincture or hydrogen peroxide will do. When choosing a product, they focus on the health of the woman, because some drugs cause an allergic reaction.

How to care for a comb

Many different combs

Regardless of the material of the comb, it must be kept clean. Wash it once a week. From hair free after each combing. The accessory should have a permanent place - on the shelf in the bathroom or on the treelzhe, it should not roll in random places.

If a woman wears a comb in her purse, it is better to select a separate pocket for it or to put it in a special case (like glasses). This prevents contact with other objects and eliminates excess dirt.

Helpful Tips

Comb - an individual item of hair care. It should not be given to colleagues and friends. Each family member must have their own comb. This is not only a rule of hygiene, one must take into account each other's energy fields. Do not transfer the negative from one head to another, so as not to guess about the causes of their ailments.

TIP! Going on a trip, worry about your comb.Means for cleaning and disinfection should be at hand. At work, have hydrogen peroxide, cotton pads and toothpicks to keep the accessory in order.
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Do not allow the accumulation of dirt and hair on an important personal care item. This will adversely affect the appearance and health. A clean comb will help fill your hair with energy, making them more attractive.

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