Congratulations girls on March 8 - ideas for kindergarten and school. How to congratulate classmates on March 8 - presentations with music, dances and poems by name

018MSh-003How beautiful, bright and unusual to organize the congratulation of girls on March 8? Boys of different ages think about this long before the onset of spring. In kindergarten, the teacher connects to the preparation process and provides the little cavalier with all possible assistance in choosing poems and gifts for girls.

At school, elementary school students under the guidance of a teacher prepare pleasant surprises in the form of dances and songs for classmates. Children 12-16 years old most often come up with holiday greetings for girls from the class themselves.Boys who boldly communicate with the computer, mount effective and stylish presentations for the girlfriends with photo collages and music, and those for whom it is difficult find girls touching verses with a mention of a name, write them on postcards, post them on social networks or recite personally, Seizing the right moment. Classmates appreciate such anxious attitude of boys and very sincerely rejoice in their pleasant attention.

Good congratulations on March 8 to girls in kindergarten from boys - interesting ideas

On the eve of the International Women's Day, congratulations are received not only by respectable ladies and young, pretty ladies, but also by very little girls attending kindergarten. At home they are congratulated by mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and other relatives, and in the kindergarten for them, under the guidance of educators, boys are preparing all sorts of pleasant surprises.


Usually, as greetings, classmates learn funny, kind and optimistic poems, and then read them aloud during the matinee or when meeting with the girls. Complement pleasant warm words with small gifts, for example, postcards or flowers made from scrap materials with your own hands.The girls are delighted to receive such cute presents from the boys and are very happy with these first signs of attention that the stronger sex has.

How to make a greeting card from March 8 in kindergarten for a girl

The voluminous, colorful card made by the boy with his own hands will be very popular with any girl and will make the most favorable impression on her. Make such an interesting gift is not difficult. Not only the children from the senior and preparatory groups will cope with the task, but also the tomboy who attend the middle and junior groups of the kindergarten. To create a gift you will need cardboard, sheets of colored and shiny paper, scissors, ruler, glue and felt-tip pen. The participation of the teacher in the process of work is not required. It will be enough just to see that the children do not get hurt with scissors and gently stick the sequins to the wings of the butterflies.

Congratulations on March 8 to boys at school for girls - presentation with music for classmates

The music presentation is a very stylish, sophisticated and beautiful way to congratulate girls on the school on March 8. And modern boys, students in middle and senior classes, can easily make it with the help of their progressive gadgets.As a general theme, it is appropriate to choose one lyric song, or just a beautiful melody, or make a musical potpourri from the works that girls classmates love the most.

Through very simple and accessible online programs, you can fill the presentation with photo inserts with portraits of girls, joint pictures from trips out of town and trips to the theater, cinema or sports venue. If you start preparing in advance, then there is a chance to make an individual presentation for each classmate. There will not be a lack of photographic material, because almost all modern schoolgirls have pages on social networks and upload their most successful or funny pictures there.

Demonstrate such a virtual gift can be on the screen of a tablet or smartphone, or use the technology available in the computer class. If there is a common large monitor in the school, you can arrange with the principal or the head teacher and launch a music presentation on it on the pre-holiday day so that not only her classmates can see it, but also all students of the school. Class girls will be very flattering to know that their boys are so talented and attentive.And the rest of the students will only envy what children are studying next to their friends from a parallel class.

Beautiful congratulation of girls from March 8 from boys - dances in honor of the holiday

Celebratory songs and cheerful, fiery dances, which the boys perform for girls during the festive classroom hour, matinee, concert or party, are quite suitable as beautiful greetings on March 8.

In elementary school, you need to choose an uncomplicated melody with a clear rhythm for such a congratulation and hold several rehearsals with the guys so that they can remember the sequence of movements well. To participate, it is desirable to attract all the boys who study in the classroom. No one should feel forgotten on a beautiful holiday, even those who are not very good at dancing and sometimes confused in their movements. Girls of 7-10 years old are not too demanding and, most likely, simply will not pay attention to some errors of performance.

The boys of the middle and high schools are already able to cope with more complex tasks, so with them on March 8, you can prepare a very interesting and effective dance-congratulation for girls.True, you will have to take care of high-quality musical accompaniment and begin rehearsals at least a month before the holiday. Among the guys will need to conduct a kind of casting to find out who will cope with the performance of quite complex dance figures and break dance elements.

When the selection will take place and the team suitable for the performance will be highlighted, you will need to start active training. Perhaps, the school teacher of physical education or the teacher of plastics will render the feasible help to children. In addition, the performance will require costumes, but not any specific ones. Home terry robes, in which guys appear at the beginning of the room, will be found at each house, and for the second part, the boys will take them off and remain in dark dress pants, white shirts and stylish suspenders. It may be a little more problematic to find gang-style felt hats, because now nobody wears them. However, this problem will be solved if you contact the agency for arranging holidays. There they always offer all kinds of costumes and various accessories for hire.

The spectacular end of the dance will be the handing of flowers to all the girls present.If you buy each individual bouquet a bit expensive, you can symbolically give each one a rose. It will look quite appropriate and no one will be offended to the fact that a friend has a bigger or better bouquet.

Congratulations of girls on March 8 by names - verses from boys

An individual greeting is always of great value and, in a special way, sinks into the soul. Therefore, a boy who wants to single out some one girl among her classmates should choose a congratulation for her on March 8 with the mention of her name. It can be a beautiful, inspirational and touching poem, which will not talk about all the girls in general, but only one. Such a work can be personally recited by your “lady of the heart” or written on a bright card and handed over with a bouquet of flowers, a nice souvenir or a soft toy. Not a single schoolgirl will remain indifferent to this beautiful sign of attention and will be very grateful to her classmate for her reverent and tender attitude.



The eighth of March came.

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