Convenient and beautiful design for climbing plants - Scheme and Master Class

One of the most interesting and practical ways to decorate an empty outer wall of a house is to attach a trellis to it or, in other words, a base for climbing plants. It is incredibly simple in execution and at the same time necessary support for plants.

Trellis is a simple structure consisting of a wooden frame and slats. In addition, you will also need screws, varnish to protect the wood and tools for the job.

Let's take a closer look at the drawing (the proportions are in inches):

Reiki of the selected length are fixed pre-glue, then - with screws. Do not forget to varnish wood. On the wall, the trellis is fixed on butt, and indented by at least 5 cm so that the plants have free space for growth. The design can also be installed directly on the site.

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