Corner sofa: beautiful, comfortable, functional!

Sofa - furniture, which, as a rule, is even in the smallest apartment. And it is not surprising: compared to the bulky bed, which occupies a good half of the room, a more compact sofa looks more preferable, because it leaves the occupants with “space for maneuver”. Today, various models of sofas are in demand, but we’ll take a look at the corner sofa for daily use, let's talk about which variations are suitable for a particular type of room, let’s highlight their main advantages.

Corner sofas - an option for both compact and spacious apartments

The flight of thought of designers engaged in the development of furniture is practically unlimited - as a result, we have a huge variety of models of corner sofas, from small to truly impressive dimensions.What kind of interior will fit such furniture? Large corner sofas will be an ideal complement for a living room in a rather large flat or private house. Especially in demand furniture will be in the event that you are often going to be a friendly company or invite relatives to visit. Places on the large sofa enough for everyone!

As for the small models of corner sofas, they not only decorate a smallroomfavorably, but also help save space. Particularly advantageous corner sofas with a folding mechanism look in the nursery: during the day it is compact furniture that does not interfere with games, at night it is a full bed that guarantees a child a restful and comfortable sleep. And due to the fact that all corner sofas, regardless of size, have a large enough sleeping place, an adult will fit on it - for example, if a small child cannot sleep without a mother.

Types of corner sofas

The most important difference between corner sofas - it doesn't matter if they are in a small apartment or a big house - from other varieties of this furniture lies in the tremendous variety of models offered by the market.So, in addition tofoldingthere aremodular corner sofasthat can be assembled according to the principle of the designer as the buyer wishes. Corner convertible sofa is no less in demand - this option, due to its compactness, is especially popular with owners of small residential areas.

Another very interesting advantage of corner sofas is their ability to play the role of a kind of demarcation between zones. If you are the owner of a studio apartment, then a beautiful corner sofa will easily replace the partition between the living-bedroom and the cooking area.

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